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Rugged tablet PCs and rugged vehicle tablets are both devices designed by Ruggtek to withstand harsh environmental conditions and offer reliable performance in demanding work environments. However, they have some significant differences that make them suitable for specific uses.

Tablet PC

Let's start with the rugged tablet PC, as RTA310 RT410 RT509, designed to be used on the move in various field work situations, where both shock and drop resistance as well as dust and water resistance are required, but above all a long battery life to allow extended use without having to be plugged in.

Vehicular tablets

On the other hand, rugged vehicle tablets such as RV110 e RVA180 are designed to be mounted and powered directly from the batteries of vehicles, such as forklifts, trucks, or tractors. These devices are designed to withstand the vibrations and stresses typical of the vehicle environment, ensuring reliable operation even in rough terrain or in the presence of severe shocks. Rugged vehicular tablets are often used in the transport and logistics sectors to monitor deliveries, track vehicles and manage operations in real time.


Both types of tablets from Ruggtek offer significant advantages over consumer-commercial devices in terms of durability, reliability and resistance. Thanks to their ability to withstand adverse conditions, they are able to maintain high performance even in hostile environments, helping to improve efficiency and productivity in the field or on the move.


In conclusion, the choice between a tablet PC and a vehicular tablet from Ruggtek depends on the specific needs of the user and the environment in which the device will be used. Both devices are crucial for sectors such as logistics, construction, agriculture and transport, where the ruggedness and reliability of the devices are crucial to ensure efficient and safe operations. As rugged technology continues to evolve, professionals in specialised fields can rely on Ruggtek to provide them with the most advanced and high-performance devices to successfully perform their tasks.

Now is the time to make your choice!