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RT 409-HB

Sunlight readable Windows tablet with 1000 nits brightness.

RT 412

Windows 2-in-1 tablet PCs and notebooks.


Docking compatible with Ruggtek 8″ tablet

RPX 600

IoT terminal for data collection with code reader and...

RT 410

Tablet PC with Windows 11 based on Intel N5100 processor.

RTL 409

8-inch Linux tablet for a wide range of applications...

RVA 110

Water and dust resistant Android vehicle terminal.


Docking compatible with Ruggtek 10″ tablet

RT 513

High-performance 13.3-inch tablet PC with Core...

RT 510

High-performance rugged tablet PC with Intel Core i5.

RT 409

Tablet PC with Windows 11 based on Intel N5100 processor.

RV 110

Windows vehicle terminal based on Intel processor.

RP 550

Intelligent Windows terminal capable of supporting digital transformation...

RVL 180

Linux vehicle terminal for embedded applications

RT 509

High-performance 8″ rugged tablet with Intel Core i5.

RTA 309-HB

Sunlight readable tablet with 1000 nits brightness.

RTA 309

Android Tablet PC, compact and pocket-sized, for the Intelligent Factory...

RPX 620

IoT terminal with UHF RFID and barcode reader

RT 310

The Windows tablet from Ruggtek designed specifically for applications that...

RTA 310-HB

Sunlight readable Android tablet with 1000 nits brightness.

RV 180

Windows vehicle terminal based on Intel processor.

RPC 610

Rugged terminal with UHF RFID and pistol grip  

RPC 600

Rugged data collection terminal with code reader and...

RT 252

High-performance Intel Core i5 tablet PC with Windows...

RTL 410

The new 10-inch Linux Tablet for a wide range of...

RT 309

Pocket Windows Tablet PC for the Intelligent Factory 4.0

RVA 180

Water and dust resistant Android vehicle terminal.

RTA 112

Tablet PC and Android notebook, 2-in-1 solution.

RTA 310

Android industrial tablet aimed purely at professional and corporate users.

RST 220

Water and drop-resistant Android industrial smartphone

RSM 10

High-performance Android industrial Smartphone

RT 410-HB

Sun-readable Windows tablet with 1000 nits brightness.

RTL 412

Linux 2-in-1 solution, tablet PC and notebook.

RT 509-HB

Sun-readable Windows tablet with 1000 nits brightness.

RT 510-HB

Sun-readable Windows tablet with 1000 nits brightness.

PST 220

Android Smartphone with barcode reader

RPL 550

Industrial Linux handheld aimed purely at professional and corporate users.

RVL 110

Linux vehicle terminal for embedded applications

RPC 620

Rugged terminal with UHF RFID and barcode reader

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Both handhelds are able to facilitate and optimise the work of professionals, offering...
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Rugged Industrial Tablets and Handhelds: The Perfect Solution for Industry 5.0

In the age of digitisation, the adoption of advanced technology devices is key to improving operational efficiency and productivity. Ruggtek is the ideal partner for rugged industrial tablets and handhelds, designed to withstand the harshest environments and ensure excellent performance in all conditions. We offer a wide range of devices, available in different sizes and with Android, Windows and Linux operating systems, to meet the needs of any manufacturing, industrial, logistics or vehicle sector.

Tablets and Handhelds by Ruggtek

Our rugged tablets and handhelds are the ideal solution for those working in demanding work environments and subject to extreme conditions. Featuring a rugged, shock, water and dust resistant construction, Ruggtek devices guarantee high reliability even in the most critical situations. Thanks to their durability, Ruggtek's industrial tablets are ideal for use in industrial environments, warehouses, construction sites, transport and logistics. But also in the hospitality industry, HORECA. Our certifications and IP protection ensure that our devices can face the daily challenges of any working environment without any problems.

Display size of Ruggtek devices

We understand that every industry has specific needs. For this reason, we offer tablets and handhelds in different sizes, from the most compact and portable handhelds to tablets with larger screens for better visibility and interaction. This variety of options ensures that every customer can find the perfect device for their operational needs. Our devices range from 5-inch models, ideal for portability, to 13-inch models, which offer a larger display area for complex applications and detailed analysis.

Versatile Operating Systems

Our range of devices (tablets and handhelds) supports the main operating systems: Android, Windows and Linux. This versatility allows companies to choose the operating system that best integrates with their existing systems and business applications.

- Android: Perfect for those looking for an intuitive interface and access to a vast ecosystem of applications. The flexibility of Android allows devices to be customised to specific business needs, facilitating the integration of management, monitoring and control apps.

- Windows: Ideal for those requiring greater compatibility with traditional business software. The stability and reliability of Windows make these devices suitable for applications requiring high performance and advanced security.

- Linux: Chosen by those who prefer an open-source, flexible and highly customisable operating system. Linux offers total control over the operating environment, allowing companies to develop tailor-made solutions that meet their exact needs.

Features for industrial innovation.

Ruggtek's industrial tablets and handhelds are equipped with advanced features that make them perfect for Industry 4.0 and the future of European Industry 5.0. These include:

Rugged Tablets and Handhelds with Advanced Connectivity

With advanced connectivity options such as 5G and 4G LTE, Wireless and Bluetooth technology, RFID, UHF and NFC interfaces, Ruggtek devices ensure constant and reliable communication between different departments in the company. The ability to stay connected at all times is essential for monitoring processes in real time and making informed decisions quickly. Continuous connection also enables the implementation of IoT solutions, improving automation and monitoring of business operations.

Rugged Tablet with High Visibility Display

Ruggtek's tablets with high brightness displays, also known as 'high brightness' or 'sunlight readable', are designed to ensure optimal viewing even in bright light or outdoors. With the ability to achieve higher brightness levels than conventional displays, our devices allow users to enjoy a clear and sharp viewing experience even in direct sunlight or bright environments. Rugged tablets with high brightness displays are particularly appreciated by professionals working outdoors or in situations where screen visibility is crucial to performing their tasks efficiently.

Rugged tablets usable with work gloves

In heavy-duty applications and extreme environments, the use of personal protective equipment is indispensable for hand protection. Ruggtek's tablets are equipped with advanced touch screen technology specially designed to allow use even with gloves. Using professional work gloves with the touch screen ensures maximum safety and comfort for operators, enabling them to perform their tasks precisely and reliably.

Rugged Tablets and Handhelds with Integrated GPS

The integrated GPS in our devices is a key feature for companies operating in the transport and logistics sector. It enables precise tracking of vehicles and goods, improving fleet management and optimising delivery operations. The accuracy of GPS helps reduce downtime and improve the efficiency of transport operations.

Rugged Tablets and Handhelds with Barcode and RFID

To facilitate inventory management and warehouse operations, our tablets and handhelds can be equipped with barcode or UHF RFID readers. These tools increase the efficiency of data collection and reduce the risk of manual errors. Integration with warehouse management systems (WMS) enables precise, real-time inventory control, improving productivity and reducing waste.

Rugged Tablets and Handhelds with Long Battery Life

We know how important business continuity is. That is why our devices are equipped with long-life batteries, capable of sustaining entire shifts without frequent recharging. Some models also offer the option of replacing the battery in the field, ensuring uninterrupted operation. High-capacity batteries are designed to provide reliable power even during the most intensive operations, ensuring that workers can concentrate on their tasks without interruption.