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Fingerprinting is a type of biometric identification that relies on the unique physical characteristics of a person's fingers to verify their identity. This authentication method can be integrated on rugged tablet PCs such as RT308, RTA309 e RT410 to ensure security and secure access.

A Ruggtek device equipped with a fingerprint sensor offers various advantages, especially in terms of security and convenience. Here are some of the main functions and areas where this technology can be particularly useful:

Advantages and Functions of the Fingerprint Sensor

  • Security: Fingerprints offer a secure authentication method as they are unique to each individual. This reduces the risk of unauthorised access.
  • Non-replicability: it is extremely difficult to falsify or exactly duplicate a biometric characteristic.
  • Speed of Access: Unlocking a device with a fingerprint is much faster than entering a password or PIN.
  • Convenience: No need to remember complex passwords or type in PINs; one touch is all it takes to access the device.
  • Authentication in Applications: Many apps, especially banking or sensitive document management apps, support fingerprint authentication.

Sectors and Examples of Use

Corporate and Business:

  • Monitoring the work:
    To ensure that only the authorised operator can perform that particular job.
  • Protection of Sensitive Documents:
    Secure access to confidential documents and company data.

Public Administration:

  • Access to Public Services:
    Security in accessing government services online.
  • Identity Management:
    Secure authentication for civil servants.
  • Health:
    Access to Patient Data: Doctors and nurses can quickly and securely access patient data without having to enter passwords.
  • Monitoring of Prescriptions:
    To ensure that only authorised personnel can access and modify prescriptions.


The choice between a tablet PC and a vehicle tablet from Ruggtek depends on the specific needs of the user and the environment in which the device will be used.

Both devices are crucial for sectors such as logistics, construction, agriculture and transport, where the robustness and reliability of the devices are crucial to ensure efficient and safe operations.

As rugged technology continues to evolve, professionals in specialised fields can rely on Ruggtek to provide them with the most advanced and high-performance devices to successfully perform their tasks.