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Ruggtek is a technology and innovation company that recently launched two new handhelds with unique and innovative features.

RPX Series

The RPX (or X6) series is designed for professional use, with a slim, pocket-sized design that makes it perfect for people working on the move. Equipped with a barcode reader and UHF RFID technology, this handheld device can easily scan and store information and data, facilitating inventory work and product management.

RPC Series

The RPC (or C6) series, on the other hand, is designed for industrial use, with a robust and durable design capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions and demanding work. This handheld is also equipped with a barcode reader and UHF RFID technology, but is able to withstand shocks, drops and dust, ensuring superior durability and reliability.


Both handhelds facilitate and optimise the work of professionals, offering a practical and technological solution for data and product management. Through continuous research and development, Ruggtek once again demonstrates its ability to provide state-of-the-art products, responding to the increasingly specific and dynamic needs of the market.

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