We have a highly qualified team within our company that specialise in industrial computers that can help with your needs.
We can development for you a new rugged mobile computer or only an mechanical component to adapt in the work environmen.


We can customize the tablet and handheld PC with printing the trademark, the labels, the user's manual or we can supply the packaging with printing the company logo.
Thanks to our highly qualified staff and direct cooperation with partners, we are able to provide both ODM and OEM services in a very short time.

Ruggtek Software Service

We can to supply the computer with the operating system Windows or Android personalized.
Thanks to direct cooperation with a software company, we are able to development the mobile software application (APP) for your rugged mobile computer.

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Nuestros clientes generan el 85% del valor añadido gracias a los servicios de personalización

La personalización del producto es un servicio que permite una explotación económica más eficaz de sus proyectos. Las opciones de diseño gráfico le permiten crear un producto único para usted, rápida y fácilmente.

Suministra tablet y dispositivo móvile con personalización gráfica.
Sistema operativo personalizado y desarrollo de Aplicaciones.

You wishes to add a Rugged Tablet in your company ?

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