Fully Rugged tablet PC reading the Ultra High Frequency

The high data transfer rate and the longer read range makes UHF RFID tags ideal for industrial automation, intelligent logistics and new applications such as electronic toll collection and parking access control.

RT 310 / RTA 310 with the UHF RFID module

The UHF RFID Module has outstanding performance, it stable read distance up to 3 meter, sometime then distance can reach 6 meter.

Support EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C protocol, with 902 ~ 928MHz spectrum range (865 ~ 868MHz optional). It is capable of reading UHF RFID tags of US, Canada, China, Europe and other regions following U.S. FCC, ETSI EN 302 208.

UHF module is fixed on the back of the tablet.

RT 310RTA 310

Handheld PC reading the UHF

The RPA 520, RPA 530 and other Ruggtek’s products can to built-in the UHF RFID module and antenna.
It is a hardware component that supports the emission and reception frequency bands 920 ~ 925MHz, commonly used in the Industry 4.0.

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What is the UHF ?

Radio Frequency Identification: this is the name that explains acronym RFID and indicates a particular technology capable of identifying items using a system based on radio frequencies.

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