Rugged Smartwatch for industrial use

Together the tablet PCs or handheld PCs, Ruggtek can provides a rugged smart watch. Its a wearable computer in the form of a wristwatch with the touchscreen interface.


The watch features many functions such as incoming call reminder, SMS, messages from whats app and wechat, alarm and other functions for wearing industry 4.0 on your wrist.

Smart Notifications

Through a vibration call or message, you can notify the operator directly to the smartwatch.


Otherways, the administrator can control the operator health as the heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, sedentary, and so on.

Data sheet

Water Resistance

The smart watch is built to support long shifts, wide temperature, dust and water, up to IP67.


Its directly connected with the operator's tablet and handheld computer by Bluetooth.


The device works for 5 days without need to recharge.
The recharge is magnetic charging. It is very fast and easy to do !

Data sheet

The rugged smartwatch is a third party product specifically designed for mobility.
Ruggtek ensure full compatibility with its products such as the tablet RT/RTA 310 and handheld RP/RPA 550.

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