Mounting solutions rugged

In the automation applications, the ability to mount rugged computers to the wall, on the workbench, near the machine, is essential. Likewise, in the logistic environment, is important to mount mobile devices to forklifts, ATVs, UTVs, and automated warehouse.

The Ruggtek’s products are the right technology to streamline all the operations.

The Ruggtek tablet PCs are equipped with two cradles

for easy mounting to a variety of standard VESA mounts, universal AMPS hole patterns and holders such as those available from RAM Mounts or Brodit.

Rugged cradle passive

Cradle without power supply and peripherals.

Rugged cradle attive

Cradle ports replicator and terminal recharging.

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Support types on each Ruggtek's cradle

Using the cradles by Ruggtek, you can define two types of coupling for provides various types of mount types.

Standard VESA mount

for wall, ceiling, workbench, dash mounting.

Clamp base with ball

for side, pole, roof mounting such as forklift.

Vehicle mount solutions rugged

For the vehicles as agriculture, construction, public safety, transportation, Ruggtek suggest to use the clamp base with ball with the mounting solutions by RAM Mounts and Brodit.

RAM mounts

The RAM Mounts offer a wide range of mounting solutions for vehicles applications.
The Rugged cradles by Ruggtek are compatibled with RAM®, whom provides various type of mount types to fit any industrial use.

In addition, to the tablet pc, you can connect another devices such as the external keyboard to speed up data entry and reduce errors.

RAM Website


For the European market Brodit, like RAM, provide the products for installation of communication devices in vehicles: pedestal mounts, pipe mounts, forklift clamp mounts, and so on.

On the website, you can found some articles codes already compatible with Ruggtek tablet PC such as 739022: holder with lock for tablet RT112 and RT212.

Brodit Website


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