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In supply chain management, one of the most challenging issues that companies face is managing inventory. If processes are not streamlined, it becomes difficult to manage to account for inventory and offer consistent supply of products to customers. In today’s digital world, companies are counting on industrial tablets to have most of their warehouse components fully automated.

Although companies will still require the presence of a few employees to manage the warehouse, automation reduces human error and increases efficiency. With e-commerce wave taking over the global business environment, companies have no option rather than automating their system in order to stay competitive.

In this post, we are going to look at how rugged tablets are helping different companies automate their warehouse operations and why it’s important for companies to own industrial grade tablets.

Let’s get started!

  1. By giving warehouse managers real-time feedback

Supply chain management requires proper monitoring of systems and constant communication. With automation, the management will get feedback about the current inventory level at any time. With such real-time data, companies are able to know the best time to add inventory and any pending orders that needs to be fulfilled.

When warehouse managers have access to on-demand feedback on their industrial tablets, they are able to act swiftly to any system malfunction and ensure every system is working at optimal levels.

With rugged tablets, warehouse managers although working in an expansive and multi-facet environment are able to control and monitor internal and external communications in real-time to ensure there is efficient service delivery.

  1. Improving warehouse security

Industrial rugged tablets have robust security features which ensures unauthorized persons are kept at bay. They are fitted with biometric systems with in-built fingerprint readers that have multi-factor authentication feature, lock slots and removable PCIs solid state drives which give access to information and warehouse sections to authorized persons only.

By so doing, inventory and data theft is minimized and there is transparency in every warehouse operation as it can easily be tracked down to the individual who did it.

  1. Workers management

Automated systems and computers do not work on their own and they need individuals who can operate them in a warehouse. If a warehouse is using manual paper registry to track employee performance and time management, it’s likely to run into human errors.

When companies upgrade to industrial tablets, they are able to streamline their warehouse processes. They do so by installing time management software programs in the rugged tablets. Such measures helps in simplifying workers management.

A company can have multiple industrial tablets installed and stations at various warehouse entry points where workers can easily enter their in and out hours data without having to que on a few stationery computers.

Automated labor records are more accurate and credible compared to punch cards or any other hand-written records.

  1. Easier product count and identification

With industrial rugged tablets, warehouse managers will no longer have to worry about manual count and identification of products. In-built features such as bar code scanner and QR reader makes product count and identification easier to automate on the go.

With automatic inventory count and verification, you will save money and time because manual count are labor extensive and have a very high degree of human error.

Therefore, rugged tablets improves data accuracy in warehouses by correctly identifying different products and tracking their movements so as to improve customer experience and accountability.

  1. The use of RFID Technology is boosting tracking

Industrial tablets are fitted with RFID technology to help warehouse managers track the movement of every product through various stages until it reaches the consumer.

To make this possible, all products are marked with RFID tags which helps the system track their movement across various supply chain processes.

With rugged tablets, you can easily check and see where a product is with just a press of a button.

  1. Warehouse asset management

Asset management is also very important when it comes to effective warehouse use. With rugged tablets, companies can easily control their warehouse assets by accounting for each of them and their exact locations at any given moment.

Warehouse managers can easily create a centralized accounting systems that have the capacity of capturing the details all the assets. By digitizing such services, companies are able to minimize asset loss and theft, labor costs as well as unwanted spending by ensuring all assets are utilized well and optimally.

Industrial tablets allows companies to install asset management software that they can easily use to keep close track of all their assets on the go.

  1. Improving order fulfillment

Since most companies are shifting from brick and mortar to online stores, the need for a good shipping and delivery system is increasingly becoming important. For a company to be able to ship and fulfill customer orders on time, proper warehouse management and automation is required.

Rugged tablets give companies the flexibility that they need in order handle multiple order requests, process them, and deliver them to client’s locations.

For such a robust work, you need a portable yet robust electronic device and industrial tablets are designed with such needs in mind. They give warehouse managers a real desktop experience even when being used remotely under extreme conditions.


The use of industrial tablets can improve companies’ warehouse operations and save unnecessary cost. When service delivery and supply chain processes are automated, accountability becomes easier and companies can comfortably cut down on labor expenses.

Rugged tablets are sturdy and can work under extreme conditions thus, they don’t require regular maintenance or replacement. Companies which have automated warehouses are able to meet order demands and they stay ahead of their competitors.

There various models of rugged tablets on the market that companies can use in their warehouses to streamline their day to day operations and improve overall employee’s productivity.