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Workers who work in the field often encounter tough environmental conditions. When working in such an environment, one requires the right tools that are hardy and built for such harsh conditions. Rugged computer tablets are some of these tools which are designed specifically to be used in harsh environments where normal commercial computers can’t operate.

What Is A Rugged Tablet?

A rugged tablet is an electronic device which is hardened and designed to be used in an extreme working condition while being able to protect itself from tough environmental conditions.

Rugged tablets are built using sturdy materials to ensure they remain stable and strong when being used in harsh extreme environments. Since they are more durable, they reduce the cost of repair and they increase efficiency and productivity in a work place.

Rugged tablets are moistly used by professionals who are in sectors such as; public transport, field sales, manufacturing, Agriculture, Outdoor, healthcare, transportation and logistics, military, and construction sectors.

Reasons Why Rugged Tablets Are the Best When Working In Extreme Conditions

Just like the tough working environment that they are used for, rugged tablets are designed and built to withstand the test of time. They are certified in MIL-STD-810G testing and have an (Ingress Protection) IP seal of not less than 65.

Different sectors have different tough field working conditions and rugged tablets are equally tough as the extreme conditions where they are used. Their durability and efficiency guarantee seamless workflow which in turn increases productivity.

Rugged tablets are the most ideal mobile devices to use when working in extreme conditions because;

  1. They are Waterproof– If you are working in the field, chances are that you will come into contact with water. Whether it’s a blowing or dropping rain or any other form of water, a rugged tablet will still function under such environment. Humidity and moisture can seriously affect the normal commercial tablets and that’s why a rugged tablet is the right gadget that you need when you are working outdoors.
  2. Shock And Vibration Resistance- In some fields especially in the construction sector, there are a lot of vibrations. Rugged tablets have shock and vibration resistance abilities so that workers won’t have to worry about connectivity and buffering issues.
  3. Corrosion And Abrasion Resistance- Corrosion and abrasion effects of elements can greatly contribute to faster wear and tear of devices and tools. Rugged tablets are built inside-out with strong and sturdy materials which can’t be corroded to guarantee durability and value for money.
  4. Superior Operating System And Software- Rugged tablets are portable, less bulky compared to a laptop and they have the ability to run on latest versions of windows. The latest models run on windows 10 thus, helping users who are working under harsh environment to access any software that would usually be used when working on a desktop or a laptop.
  5. Extra Features For More Versatility- Rugged tablets are fitted with extra add-ons something which makes them more versatile. They have extra features such as ports which support external devices such as USB. Rugged tablets also have important internal features like LTE mobile network, in-built barcode scanners and QR code scanner, hot-swap batteries, and RFID technology which have room for integration with other software and devices. Wireless connectivity and transmission is more powerful and stronger in rugged tablets compared to non-rugged tablets something which increases user productivity.
  6. They Can Withstand Low Pressure/Altitude– There are some instances where field workers are required to work in low altitude areas where most devices tend to fail. A rugged tablet comes in handy as it can comfortably function in such an environment thus, increasing productivity.
  7. Electromagnetic Interference- When using a rugged tablet, you don’t have to worry about experiencing electromagnetic interference. These devices are sturdy and can withstand any electromagnetic interference to ensure that your work delivery is not interrupted at all.
  8. Transit Drop And Dustproof- Rugged tablets are sturdy and they have no moving parts which makes them more compact and strong to withstand shocks that can arise from dropping to the ground while on transit. To ensure that they don’t absorb dust from the field, they are fitted with fully sealed keyboards. These special sealed keyboards protect the tablets from any dust intrusion or water. In addition, they are also scratch-resistant and the screens are easily readable even when using them in direct sunlight.
  9. Noise Sound Reduction- When operating in the field especially in the industrial, construction and logistic sectors, there are a lot of noise that is generated by other machines and the surrounding environment. Rugged tablets are built with materials that have sound absorbing abilities to reduce the noise from the surrounding environment when using them.

Final Thoughts

Rugged tablets are great gadgets for use in the field under extreme conditions. They have longer lifespan and low maintenance cost which save you money on repairs and increases workers productivity.

With assured durability and efficiency in delivering great results even when used under extreme conditions, you will surely make the right decision when you upgrade your normal laptops or start a new venture with these versatile portable and lightweight rugged tablets which can never disappoint. When using rugged tablets for your field work, you are assured value for money and durability is guaranteed.