Many field-service and industrial sectors demand more rugged computing solutions

capable of handling the extreme environmental conditions and data-intense processes.
These pages are focused on the our projects and the applications mode of the Ruggtek computers.

Industry 4.0 IoT

Ruggtek products play a key role as a mobile management, monitoring and control center, providing flexibility for the workforce to achieve the most effective results.

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IoT is revolutionizing the way it operates.
In this sector the industrial handheld with all its features plays a crucial role in smart logistics: Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS, 4G LTE, RFID and integrated barcode 1D/2D.

Ruggtek for livestock management

The Ruggtek device with UHF RFID can be used in the management of livestock.
Through the tag on the animal’s ear you can scan, gather data and send them to servers via 4G LTE link.

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Industrial & Automotive

Applications typically take place in harsh environments, which may be unsuitable to accommodate standard technology equipment. Ruggtek’s tablet PCs are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as hot deserts, fog, rain, long-lasting vibrations, excesses, and so on.
The RT 310 and RTA 310 are the best solution for those who need the panel PC with the ability to move freely in the field as well as the integration of peripherals such as RS232, LAN, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE.

Surveying and Engineering

The our Rugged professional tablet with the advanced GNSS to make your surveying and engineering projects more productive thanks to outstanding positioning accuracy.

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Assistance Service On-site

Thanks to the use of new technologies such as augmented reality, Ruggtek products can replace traditional documents and procedures used in the field.

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With Ruggtek’s ultra-resistant tablets and handhelds, workers in the electrical, gas and water industries will be able to complete their planned work and easily tackle problems.
GPS, RFID, integrated camera and barcode reader are some of the features of Ruggtek products.

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Outdoor Smartphone

The smartphones currently on the market have a carefully crafted design, made with materials that require the purchase of protective covers to prevent accidental breakage. The outdoor smartphones must have features such as resistance to dust and immersion in liquids, a high autonomy, and the ability to work at extreme temperatures.

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