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In any nation, it’s the role of the state and local governments to provide access to some of the crucial community services to its citizens. The responsibilities range from establishing and maintaining public healthcare facilities, parks and recreation, community housing welfare, public transport, and education institutions. To effectively deliver to their mandates, state and local governments will require specific devices, tools, and software. One such key device that can simplify the work of monitoring and managing community projects is a rugged tablet PC.

Rugged tablets are portable and integrated with the latest software to enhance data sharing and real-time communications. The design and operations of most cities and other urban areas can benefit immensely if they switch to the use of rugged tablets. Services will be streamlined and everything automated to minimize human error and low productivity. Most of the activities in terms of public service delivery are done in an external environment and thus require electronic gadgets that can withstand harsh working environments.

Rugged tablets are ideal gadgets for use by state and local governments to deliver community services due to their ease of use and unique features. An ideal rugged tablet that is fit for use by state and other local governments in service delivery should have the following features;

  • Large capacitive touchscreen
  • Lightweight material to aid in mobility
  • High-performance processor and large internal memory
  • Android or Linux OS operating system
  • LTE certified cellular network
  • Large display screen with a sunlight-viewable option
  • IP65 and MIL-STD-810G certified
  • High power and durable battery
  • Accessories such as docking stations

Other additional optional features can include; 1D/2D barcode scanner, Bluetooth 5.0, WIFI, GPS, and C1D2 certification.

Rugged tablets are ideal for state and local governments use are the perfect choice for real-time end-to-end communication. Seamless information gathering and sharing among different departments ensure that there is an enhanced workflow in the public sector service delivery. They help in digitization efforts by shunning away older paperwork documentation methods thus helping in saving costs by streamlining processes.

Some of the key public service sectors that can benefit immensely from the use of rugged tablets by state and local governments include; infrastructure construction, maintenance and repairs, asset management, fleet management, code compliance and inspection, training and education, public safety operations, public service, and utility diagnostics and management, public health clinics, military manufacturing, GIS surveying, public transportation, and parking enforcement.

Rugged tablets guarantee accurate data computing solutions that help decision-makers solve a particular problem in their area of public service delivery. To protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, rugged tablets for government use are fitted with Dual factor authentication mechanisms, Common Access Card (CAC), fingerprint readers, as well as physical locking mechanisms so as to safeguard sensitive information. Therefore, the state and local government should not worry about data breaches since rugged tablets come with configured security systems to ensure nothing is compromised.

Rugged tablets also help state and local government save physical space as there is less paperwork needed in most of the processes. The portable removable drives help to accurately capture and store crucial data such as incident logs, historical documents, maintenance records, and civil servant data in a safe and sound place while utilizing minimal storage space.

The public sector can be revolutionized by the digitization efforts that are driven by the use of rugged tablets PC. They have great functionalities that simplify complex functionalities and this can go a long way in helping the state together with local governments streamline their processes with just a click of a button. To achieve an efficient and effective public service that delivers its mandates as per the public expectations.