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Have you finally found the perfect rugged tablet for your business or industrial use? A great rugged tablet will also go in handy with a perfect docking station. As an organization or industry, the kind of rugged docking station that you buy for your employees can have a direct impact on their productivity and job satisfaction. A great docking station is one that harnesses the power of a device’s high bandwidth to enable more flexibility for workflows.

However, finding the perfect docking station for a single tablet or a fleet application can be a challenging experience since different docking stations have different features and capabilities. But how do you ensure that you have chosen the best docking station for your rugged tablets? The ideal rugged docking station will vary depending on the needs of the buyer. If you are not sure what to look for, we have outline some of the key factors to consider when buying a rugged docking station.

  1. Deployment capability

When buying a docking system for your employees, you must assess its ease of deployment and compatibility with other devices. Some of the common issues that arise relate to either missing drivers or software updates or incompatibility. Solving such technical issues can be frustrating and time-consuming especially when setting up multiple docking stations in a remote environment. Before you can settle on a particular docking station, ensure that you have checked its ease of deployment to avoid a bad user experience.

  1. The number of rugged tablets that you intend to have

If you intend to have multiple rugged tablets, you will also need enough charging space for them. If you have a large enterprise or industry with many departments and workers, you will require multiple docking stations. Although you can have a single docking station that is specifically dedicated to charging the entire fleet of devices, your counter will always be messy. It’s therefore advisable to buy fewer multiple docking stations that can accommodate a good number of charging spaces for your devices. Multiple docking stations provide convenience to rugged tablet users since they are easy to set up in different locations and they make your space organized and spacious.


  1. The size of the docking station

Storage space is also very important when it comes to selecting the ideal tablet docking station. If the rugged tablets are used for checkout services and other on-demand services, it’s advisable to go for slender docking stations so that you can have a sizeable free space on your counter desk to serve clients.

Large docking stations occupy a lot of space and the only option that you will have to switch to slim form factor stations that conserves space to ensure that all business operations are undertaken seamlessly without unnecessary congestion. Each business has specific needs and it’s important to go for a tablet docking station that offers much flexibility when in use and conserves office space.

  1. Docking station charging adaptability

If your business is robust and demanding, you need a docking station that can allow the device to be charged on-site while it’s still in use to avoid workflow breakdown and low productivity. Can the docking station that you are about to buy allow tablets to be charged on-site while on the use or they have to be off and charged at a different place? To ensure that daily operations go on uninterrupted while still charging the device, go for a docking station that has adaptable charging options like the cradle and swiveling dock.

  1. Rugged tablet battery life

The battery life of your tablet is a key consideration when choosing the best docking station. You need to ascertain the number of hours that the battery can last before one can recharge it. By understanding your rugged tablet’s battery life, you can easily know whether you need multiple docking stations or not.

If the rugged tablet depletes battery power too quickly and you have fewer docking stations, you might end up with delayed workflows since there will be no available space to recharge them. When you buy the right number of rugged tablet docking stations, all devices will have access to a charging station when necessary and your employees will feel motivated to continue with their daily operations uninterrupted.

  1. Real-time battery life indicator

The battery life indicator is also another critical factor that you need to consider when selecting a rugged tablet docking station. The battery life indicator will tell the user the real-time power levels so that they can clearly understand which devices are fully charged and are ready for deployment and which ones are still charging. If the battery life is not there, users will have a hard time knowing which rugged tablets are fully charged and which ones require more charging time.

If there is a charge level indicator, users will only remove their devices from the charging station once they are fully charged to ensure there will be no interruptions in their daily operations due to low power levels.

  1. Intended user feedback

When buying tablet docking stations for use in a business or industry setup, it’s always advisable to put into consideration the intended user experience. When management procures docking stations without user preference in mind, it leads to poor employees’ experience. For instance, there some features that will suit workers in the IT department and there are other models that will work well for users in the warehouse and logistics sector.

By taking users’ feedback into account before making the buying decision, the management can source for the most perfect docking stations that will resonate well with different workers in different departments. Focusing on employees’ preferences helps increase productivity.


The core connectivity options for rugged tablets docking stations keep on changing as technology advances. When deciding on the best docking station to buy, it’s important to consider a model that will serve you for more years as opposed to going for one that will get outdated soon. For instance, universal hybrid docking stations are designed to remain useful for long as they can accommodate longer upgrade cycles. If you decide to go for most proprietary docking stations, you will end up with limited use and versatility. That’s why it’s advisable to invest wisely so that you can go for a model that will give you better service and return on investments.