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The use of technology in various industries has revolutionized service delivery and work performance. Businesses have now been able to streamline their internal processes which have translated to increased efficiencies. In industrial settings and fieldwork, the working environment is harsh and consumer-grade tablets and computers cannot be relied upon to keep essential industrial operations running.

To increase efficiency and productivity, many manufacturers are now switching to mobile rugged industrial tablets which are more sophisticated and long-lasting. Rugged tablets guarantee reliable production processes and real-time communication among workers in different departments.

If you are in the manufacturing sector and you are still wondering whether buying rugged tablets is a good decision, we are going to look at various ways rugged tablets have helped increase industrial productivity.


  1. Enables effective asset tracking and management

When operating any business, it’s very important to keep a clear track of record of all your assets. Tracking assets and equipment manually is not an easy thing especially for industries operating under extreme conditions. However, industrial rugged tablets are designed to offer smarter asset management.

Thanks to rugged industrial tablets, companies in the manufacturing sector are now able to track their assets and equipment in any environment in real-time. Proper tracking of assets and equipment helps to reduce the cost of repair and operations.

The use of rugged industrial tablets ensures there is a constant assessment of their wear and tear even those being used under extreme environments.

  1. Effective quality control measures

Quality control is a very sensitive component of manufacturing as it determines the quality of the end product. All manufacturing industries have minimum requirements and standards that they must meet when manufacturing different products.

Rugged industrial tablets are designed with modern applications and features that offer real-time tracking and monitoring of all processes to ensure all the required minimum standards are met. The other good thing about rugged tablets is that they can be designed to be used even when wearing gloves to ensure the highest level of accuracy is achieved even when working in remote areas.

It’s no doubt that industrial rugged tablets bring incredible strength and efficiency to the manufacturing sector. Many companies that have switched their systems and hardware applications to rugged are now able to increase productivity, reduce operational cost, and improve competitiveness.

  1. Helps in effective warehouse management

Industrial rugged tablets have also proven to be a game-changer in warehouse management. Warehouse managers are now able to operate with more flexibility in their daily activities such as inventory tracking, product consolidation as well as shipping.

Rugged tablets which are built to work in harsh environments have played a big role in speedy automation of the entire warehouse processes with no downtime. These digital industrial devices have increased productivity and drastically reduced the cost of warehouse management.

  1. Improved logistics and product delivery

Rugged industrial tablets have also led to a streamlined logistical process. Manufacturers of various products are now able to track their cargo and driver’s location in real-time. It’s also now easy to track driver’s hours of service digitally thanks to ruggedized tablets.

In addition to fleet managers being able to track drivers and hours of service, drivers also have the capability to completing the electronic visual inspection reports even in remote areas thus, improving performance.

When drivers are transporting goods in a new location, rugged industrial tablets with LTE and internet connections can help them in navigation. When the working conditions of a driver are enhanced, productivity increases and the company is able to reduce its operational logistical costs.

  1. Enhanced supply chain proficiency

In every industry supply chain, it’s very important to increase product distribution efficiency right from the manufacturer to the final consumer so as to remain competitive. Industrial rugged tablets are designed with the latest technology and sophistication to ensure fast and excellent delivery of all the essential products.

When the entire supply chain is efficient, team productivity will also increase since there will be no delays in any segment that can result in downtime and poor performance. It also helps in building a good reputation, reduction in inventory costs, and improved customer experience.

Important features to consider when buying rugged industrial tablets

  • Hardy enough to withstand harsh industrial environments
  • Seamless touchscreen design and readability
  • Mobility and versatility
  • Water and dustproof design to work even in the field
  • Ability to run on more than one operating system