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National security is one of the important factors that define the stability of a country. With the ever-increasing global terrorism and military threats, it’s necessary to advance the technology used by the military workforce and government officials. When the latest technologies are used in military and defense, it becomes easier to maintain public safety due to rapid response and successful operations when security personnels are operating in the operation field. Military-grade rugged tablets have provided much-needed technological advancement in the security sector.

They are designed with the latest security systems to guarantee top-class data breach prevention and CAC reader technology to help in on-base security. CAC functionality feature ensures that cards can be read and access granted at different levels of checkups. This guarantees that crucial information is safeguarded with an extra layer of security and it can only be available to authorized persons only.

Unlike consumer-grade tablets, military-grade tablets have the capacity to work effectively from anywhere and provide accurate real-time data for quick decision-making in case of emergencies.

When a military unit is in a combat zone, it requires high-tech ruggedized gadgets that can withstand harsh working environments. Military-grade tablets are designed to handle such tough remote working conditions and still provide uninterrupted information in real-time for easier decision-making from the command base. The base commanders can use integrated individual rugged military-grade tablets to give instructions, issue risk alerts, and receive intelligence reports.

Rugged tablets for military use also play a very important role in emergency operations that requires a high level of accuracy and sophistication. They form an integral part of mission-critical devices that are becoming important during security and emergency operations that are carried out by refined remote control units. The military-grade case is designed to guarantee durability and versatility even when used in the fieldwork to enhance user experience and service delivery.

What are the key features that are required for military-grade tablet PCs?

Military-grade tablets have higher operational demands that are more complex compared to the normal consumer tablets PC. Rugged military tablet computers must be tough to work optimally even in the harshest environment while at the same time offering unmatched security against data breaches.

In order for a country to equip its military personnel with the right digital devices for effective communication and response rate, there are certain features that all military-grade tablets must-have. They include factors to do with standardization, IP rating, sunlight readability, connectivity, and environmental compatibility.

  1. Military standard compliance

All rugged tablet PCs that are designed for military applications must demonstrate versatility to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They should work perfectly in extreme temperatures ranging from -40˚C to 85˚C, endure sudden falls, shocks, and vibrations, glaring sunlight if they will be used during the daytime, and the screen should have the scratch-resistant capability.

When buying a military-grade rugged tablet, it’s important to ensure that it has been tested and certified as per the MIL-STD 810-G requirements which focus on endurance when used in extreme environmental conditions. Another important certification that is a must-have is the MIL-STD 461F that specifically determines if the rugged tablet PC can survive electromagnetic interference (EMI).

  1. IP Rating

Military rugged tablets must have an IP rating or IEC standard 60529 that ensures that the device can endure potential risks against liquids and particles. A rugged tablet PC with IP 65 or IP rating of 67 is ideal to be used by military and security personnel. The higher the IP rating, the better the rugged tablet in terms of protection against liquids such as water and dust particles.

  1. Wireless Connectivity

When offering security and emergency services, getting accurate and real-time information is very critical to the success of any mission. Military-grade rugged tablets should support wireless connectivity and GPS locator to enable military and security personnel to execute their plans effectively and in a timely manner since there is no communication breakdown.

At the minimum level, a rugged tablet for military use should support connectivity for Dual-band WIFI, Bluetooth, 3Gor 4G LTE cellular network. When there is a fast and efficient communication system, teams on the ground are able to communicate with those in the command base with ease thus, guaranteeing a high level of success in any combat or project undertaken.


  1. Military environment compatibility

The military environment is tough and it requires rugged tablets that are compatible with such operating surroundings. That’s why military-grade tablets require circular military connectors of MIL-STD-38999 type that gives rugged devices the capacity to endure extreme shocks and vibrations and long exposure to noise from either from military weapons, vehicles, or those in aerospace settings.

In addition to the MIL-STD-38999, all rugged military-grade tablets should have built-in spaces for LAN/USB 2.0 port, RS-232/RS-422, and DC power input for easier configuration with other important military devices for a faster communication, data sharing, and decision making.

The touchscreen must be designed in a way that users working with gloves can still be able to operate them. To make it more responsive to gloved hands, military-grade tablets are designed with resistive or more modified capacitive touchscreens and bigger pressing buttons to ensure they can be used seamlessly in such a common condition for those working in the field. The Operating System (OS) must also be configured properly to allow easier integration of other applications.


  1. Direct sunlight readability

Another important feature that rugged tablets for military use must have is the ability to read in sunlight. Since there is a lot of fieldwork involved in military and security institutions, all the tablet gadgets used must have the capacity to be used in the outdoor setup and still offer a better user experience.

Military-grade tablets are designed with an anti-glare solution that helps improve the quality of LCD panels by diffusing the glaring light to lower its intensity. Optical bonding is also another technological feature that helps the LCD produce higher brightness for better clarity as well as anti-scratch capability.

With such technological advancements, military units working in outdoor environments are able to see images correctly and well as read or send information in real-time even when working under scorching direct sunlight.

Military-grade tablet PCs are robust, durable, and highly reliable.