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Radio Frequency Identification: this is the name that explains acronym RFID and indicates a particular technology capable of identifying items using a system based on radio frequencies.

It is a technology that has naturally evolved over the years and also rather quickly, becoming today an essential tool to reduce costs of the various logistics flows (especially in areas such as fashion), as well as for the management of public transport and transport of goods. Particularly flexible, RFID technology is also useful for managing assets, for obtaining total traceability of items, and for identifying recyclable containers.

RFID uses a tag to produce smart tags that allow you to uniquely identify anything: all RFID tags are unique and non-repeatable and therefore allow you to reconstruct the history of each object, from its production to upon arrival to the end user, who can use it to request and receive one or more after-sales services. Furthermore, the RFID tag can be incorporated in tickets for public transport services, but also in clothing tags, bibs for sports competitions and events of all kinds.

In conclusion, it can be said that identifying a product by RFID tag is the same as giving it a name and surname. Once the product has been labelled, it (whether it is a shirt, a bottle, a pen) becomes a specific product easily identifiable among hundreds and hundreds of products looking the same.

Ruggtek products with RFID technology

Devices equipped with highly sophisticated RFID technology are of course rugged products, which are precisely designed for business areas including logistics.
Ruggtek has a wide range of devices with integrated RFID technology, both in the NFC and UHF variant, and according to different solutions.

  • Windows RT 310 Tablet 10 inch
  • Android RTA 310 Tablet 10 inch
  • Linux RTL 310 Tablet 10 inch
  • Windows RT 308 Tablet 8 inch
  • Android RTA 308 Tablet 8 inch
  • Linux RTL 308 Tablet 8 inch
  • Windows RP 550 Handheld 5.5 inch
  • Android RPA 550 Handheld 5.5 inch
  • Windows RPA 520 Handheld 5 inch
  • Android RPA 520-TP Handheld 5 inch with thermal printer

Ruggtek RPA 520 series, for example, both in the traditional and in the POS version with integrated receipt printer (Ruggtek RPA 520-TP) is equipped with Android 7 operating system, both NFC and UHF RFID technology, 1D and 2D Barcode reader, as well as Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity and a nice 5-inch display.
There are tablets as well, such as the RT/RTA/RTL 310 series (10-inch); also in this case complete products, equipped with both NFC and UHF for greater and more precise reading capacity.