Ruggtek is a brand new way of looking at the mobile computer.

These are no frail office objects, but a tough terminal usable in heterogeneous environments.
A small dimension computer that combines endurance, design and compulsory research for technological innovation.

The Ruggtek is developing very rapidly.

Thanks also the experienced staff who has been involved in industrial market for more than 20 years.

Since Ruggtek was founded, we have never stopped questioning ourselves in order to improve our business, we love the technology, we continue to look after the product, we open new markets and new channel partners.
Every day we fuel these aspects.

Ruggtek is a trade mark of Sesitek.

The brand Ruggtek is the union of the termins: rugged, terminal and technology.
The union is represented in the logo by U letter.
The U in design is slowly fading away at the tip in the form of nano particles, that represent the sci fi feel of technology.

Rugged Computers for tough environments

The product catalogue is the result of continuous research and innovation in order to meet different customer needs.
We have always committed resources and capital to improving internal company skills and know-how, achieving high standards of product quality and, consequently, giving added value. A striking testimony is the co-produce of the industrial tablet RT 310 and the handheld terminal RP 550 : two mobile computers multi-platform that combines resistance, design and technological innovation.

Ruggtek’s products cover a wide range of applications, ranging from industrial automation, logistics, transport, public safety, utilities and after-sales services in the field to automotive, finance, etc. Each terminal is distinguished by its different characteristics and different application options.

The opportunity to offer OEM and ODM solutions, support service for the entire product life cycle, the support offered in the implementation and development of APPs (mobile application) thanks to the synergies created, are added services which complete the Ruggtek range of proposals.

Ruggtek is establishing itself in the rugged devices sector thanks to its excellent price-quality ratio and also distinguishes itself from the competition thanks to added services.

The Headquarter is Sesitek, an Italian provider of industrial Panel PC and embedded products, which are designed specifically for applications that require high-level reliability, stability and long supply period.