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  • Fully rugged- This versatile android gadget PC is designed to deliver excellent performance even when working in a harsh environment. It has been fully tested and certified, this fully rugged android gadget has an IP65 rating and CE, MIL-STD-810G, WEEE / RoHS certification. It’s built to last as it can survive sudden drops, shocks, liquid spillage, dust, and industrial vibrations. It can work optimally even under an extreme of -20°C to 60°C.
  • Connectivity- If you working in an environment that requires ultra-fast connectivity, this great fully rugged android tablet PC is the ultimate deal. It integrates high-speed wireless communication technology to ensure you stay connected and 24/7 even when doing fieldwork in remote areas. It supports a 4G LTE cellular network, Bluetooth, Dual-band 802.11ac WIFI among other satellites to guarantee accurate positioning for better and real-time communication and sharing of information.
  • Sleek design- This handled rugged android tablet is compact and lightweight thanks to the materials used and the design. Although it’s thin and lightweight, it offers excellent performance with ease of mobility. It’s fitted with a high-quality resolution LCD and the famous Corning Gorilla Glass to help users adjust screen brightness while working under different environments and at the same time protecting against screen scratches.
  • Battery type- To guarantee longer work time and seamless performance for workers in remote areas, construction sites, and the medical field or in an industrial setup, this fully rugged Android tablet is designed with a Hot Swap Battery technology to ensure there is no downtime. The user is assured of 12+ hours of use when fully charged since the two batteries have a high capacity of over 10,000 mAh. The spare battery is used as a power backup to guarantee uninterrupted business operation when one is charging. When using RTA 310 android tablet, users don’t have to worry about data loss or low productivity.
  • Configuration- This Android rugged tablet is configured to be used in a modern setup where real-time data sharing and communication is the name of the game. It has integrated 1 RJ45 port, RS232 port, 1 high-definition camera of 13MP, MicroSD slot, 1 USB port 2.0, and OTG port to make the gadget easier to integrate with other digital external devices. For the users who need an android gadget with extra functionality, you can get one with a provision for a built-in 1D/2D barcode scanner that comes with a dedicated SCAN button. It can also integrate the RFID module that helps in reading HF and UHF tags.
  • Android OS- The RTA 310 tablet PC runs on a pre-installed Android 7 Operating System (OS). It’s easier to use and guarantees seamless compatibility with Google play store services making it easier for operators to integrate the device with millions of applications on the internet. The Android 7 OS can be easily customized to fit the need of different users and work environments.
  • Linux Version- The RTA 310 android tablet PC is a multi-versatile device that supports different versions of Linux. The most commonly supported Linux versions include; Ubuntu, Yocto Project, IoT, and Debian.
  • Add-ons- When you purchase this android tablet PC, the packaging comes with essential accessories that users need in order to use it effectively. The basic package includes; 2 hand-holders and AC/DC power adapter for battery recharge. Other extra optional accessories are; Shoulder straps, docking station, and rugged docking for industrial automation among other add-ons.