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At the heart of every business, increasing productivity and minimizing costs is one of the key goals that organizations are always trying to achieve. One way of achieving this goal is through adoption of the right technology.

The technology options that can be applied in various industries are limitless, however most of them use of smartphones, tablets, notebook computers, PCs and other devices that can be limiting in terms of mobility, performance and durability.

Rugged tablets have therefore become very attractive especially in industries that operate in tough and accident-prone environments. Their unique features such as high processing power, real time access to data, mobility and resistant to environmental factors, make them well suited for use in extreme environmental conditions.

In this article, we are going to discuss how rugged tablets are being used to increase productivity across various industries.

  1. Manufacturing

In most manufacturing companies, creation of products from raw materials involves the collaboration of machines, robots, computers and humans, all working together in their specific sections.

Rugged tablets are used to improve the productivity of each stage of manufacturing by streamlining operations and ensuring that both humans and the machines are operating at maximum capacity.

Rugged tablets are used for quality control. With the right applications, they can be used to track and monitor the manufactured products to ensure they meet the set standards.

They are also used by the management to remotely monitor and assist their workforce in different locations. They are also used for real time access to critical information such as levels of inventory, production reports and quality assurance.

Having real time access to data on each stage of manufacturing enables the management to make timely decisions therefore increasing productivity.

  1. Transport and Logistics

Rugged tablets have greatly improved the transport industry.

Using rugged tablets in truck management has made it easy to track driver’s locations, fuel consumption, driving habits and also ensuring the drivers stick to the agreed schedule.

Rugged tablets are used in rails to streamline the delivery of people and freight, managing workforce and keeping pace with the daily operations.

Due to their ability to withstand the harsh atmosphere of ports, warehouses and cold storage, rugged tablets have become vital tools for supply chain management, vessel tracking and ship maintenance.

Rugged tablets are used in airports to manage plane and airline operations, ensuring on-time departures and arrivals and meeting safety and regulatory requirements.

  1. Health

The use of rugged tablets in the healthcare sector has improved the services of the healthcare facilities and the productivity of medical personnel. It has also streamlined operations leading to significant savings in time, energy and finances.

Rugged tablets are used by medical personnel to access copies of medical imaging such as x-rays and ultra sound. This allows faster transmission of images for comparison and faster decision making in recommending the required treatment.

Rugged tablets are also used in managing medical documentation. This ensures that patient’s data remains organized and consistent across various health facilities. This has proven to be beneficial especially to patients who receive treatments from different facilities.

These patients can quickly access treatment as they will not be required to move from one facility to another to get a doctor’s report.

Management of medical facilities has also been made seamless with the use of rugged tablets. It is possible to schedule surgeries, plan meetings and schedule staff from whichever location without having to go back to access staff computer in a different location.
This makes it convenience for medical staff to schedule their appointments especially if they work in different health facilities.

  1. Farming and Agriculture

The ability of rugged tablets to withstand all weather conditions, dirt and vibrations of farm equipment makes it an ideal device for farmers. When the tablets are equipped with the right applications, they can go a long way in assisting the farmers to properly manage their farms and maximize their yields.

One-way rugged tablets are used in agriculture is enabling soil sampling. Farm workers collect soil samples and record important information on the nutrients profile, soil type or topography and quickly generate reports on the profile of the field.

These tablets are also used to collect data on diseases and pest infestation on the crops, analyzing their pattern of occurrence and taking the necessary measures to prevent them.

Other uses of rugged tablets in agriculture include; livestock management, plant inventory management, Mapping fields in terms of soil and crop profiles, prevalence of weeds in specific areas and climate change analysis.

Timely collection of information, analysis and enhanced record keeping enabled by the use of rugged tablets increases productivity of farm workers and leads to higher yields.

  1. Law Enforcement

In the recent years, rugged tablets have gained traction within the police departments. The use of rugged tablets has increased productivity and efficiency of law enforcement officers therefore supplementing the uses of patrol cars and motorcycles. The devices are also handy because they are able to withstand the different situations and locations that police officers find themselves in pursuit of criminals.

Some of the benefits of using rugged tablets within the law enforcement agencies include: Instant access to criminal records, real time access to databases, faster collection of information from the crime scenes and transferring evidence and images. This minimizes errors and duplication of work thereby increasing the productivity of law enforcement officers.

  1. Construction

In construction industry, rugged tablets are used to log in the sites specifications, measurements and project updates therefore ensuring that managers and field personnel are aware of the project status. By relaying such information in real time, it becomes easier to monitor project timelines and make the necessary adjustments.

Rugged tablets with 3D scanning capabilities are useful in collecting data about the site’s measurements, angles and dimensions with great precision and detail. Providing accurate and detailed data on construction sites improves workflows, operational efficiencies, fastens decision making and reduces downtime.

  1. Energy

One major challenge of oil, gas and mining sector is the high cost of exploration and production. Over the years, budget cuts within the industry, changes in cost structure and greater demand for profit margin has made it necessary for companies in these industries to minimize inefficiencies and improve productivity. By adopting the use of rugged tablets, the energy industry has benefited in the following ways:

Improving inspections, surveys and assessments. By using rugged tablets, workers can monitor and manage key issues in mining such as atmospheric corrosion, gas leaks, mine safety and pipeline leaks.

Maintaining work order and maintenance. Rugged tablets are used in optimizing resources, managing field personnel, tracking work orders and ensuring the delivery of necessary parts and equipment within the site.

Improved safety for workers. Using rugged tablets in the field can improve safety of the workers by keeping managers informed about where each worker is via GPS.

As technology continues to advance, industries will be required to adopt new business models which minimize costs and increases productivity. Rugged tablets, with their unique features and capabilities, can handle these transitions way better that other devices.