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Construction companies have bulk of their workers working in the field in different departments. In order to enhance proper communication and sharing of data in real time, construction companies should use tough industrial rugged tablets designed for working under extreme environment.

Whether it’s making an upgrade from the standard office tablets or starting afresh, having the right handheld rugged tablets will reduce the construction time and cost significantly. Workers in a construction site will no longer have to worry about dealing with paperwork, work planning and manual scheduling or even using products that do not have proper quality standards.

Rugged tablets are the right devices that construction companies need to ensure their workers stay organized in a construction site. The following are ways in which industrial rugged tablets helps construction companies to improve their work efficiency.

  1. Easy access to Internet connectivity

Rugged tablets have in-built features which supports internet wireless connectivity. A rugged tablet which supports 3G, 4G, Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity ensures proper communication and real-time sharing of data is achieved even for remote workers.

Internet connectivity simplify sharing of important information regarding various ongoing projects, the best places to source for construction materials, getting maps for shortest delivery routes and sending and receiving messages from workers in the field.

  1. Proper organization of blueprints and construction plans

When using papers to hold records of construction blueprint and plans, there is a lot of clutter and folding and unwrapping involved which can eventually tamper with the your site documents.

When workers use a handheld rugged tablets, you are able to do away with all that paperwork clutter. Workers and site managers can easily access the construction project plans and blueprints digitally using a rugged windows tablet something which improves efficiency and productivity.

With a rugged tablet, workers can be able to retrieve data with a touch of a button. The screen is large enough to zoom in to clearly and see the finer details in a plan or blueprint. In addition, industrial rugged tablets are fitted with AutoCAD which makes it easier for developers to alter or fix any plan issues on the go.

  1. Improved inventory control mechanism

In a construction site, contractors will require constant supply of materials. Without a digital device, it will become hectic to manage inventory and understand the best time to make new orders.

Rugged tablets makes ordering of construction materials very easy and stress-free. There are in-built applications which help workers keep close track of their inventory and know the best time to place a new order.

All paperwork will be eliminated and workers will not have to make manual lists of needed materials and sending someone physically to buy the items. All inventory transactions in a rugged tablets are recorded digitally thus, saving you time of collecting receipts and presenting them to accounting departments.

  1. Proper monitoring and tracking of deliveries

Once orders are placed digitally using industrial rugged tablets, it’s important to also track their delivery status. Tracking is very important especially when you have ordered a vital material that need to be there before the construction works can continue.

If you have sent a truck driver to pick the materials, you can easily monitor their location and traffic to determine how far they are and how long they would take before they can deliver the materials to the construction site.

Since rugged tablets are fitted with GPS tacking technology and with internet connectivity, contractors can easily monitor and track all their material deliveries.

  1. Offering flexibility in planning work schedule

In a construction site, workers should not just stick to the old working system of 9 to 5. Rugged tablets can help in creating digital working schedules for workers in different departments. This simplifies the works of site managers as they are able to monitor and know which worker is supposed to be where and at what time.

When there is a proper work schedule, each worker effort is utilized to the maximum and this reduces construction time and saves labor cost. Workers can easily be organized in a workable shift once the managers know which process follows the other in order to ensure consistency in construction work progress.

In case there is need to reschedule work due to unavoidable circumstances such as bad weather, workers can be notified in real-time either by message, email or through a call thanks to industrial rugged tablet technology.

  1. Quality Control

In a construction industry, quality is everything. A contractor cannot afford to use substandard materials or not follow the right working procedures. Rugged tablets for construction industries are designed with in-built features and applications which helps in ensuring the right quality standards are met.

Rugged tablets have barcode scanners, calculator, 3D imaging technology and other software which ensures high level of accuracy is maintained so as to guarantee quality projects. If by any chance the materials ordered are not up to standards, the contractor can easily identify them and ask for replacement with quality ones.

  1. Easier signing and verification of important documents

Rugged tablets are fitted with biometric scanners and it’s now easier for individuals who are working in the construction sites to make authentic E-signatures. When committing to any legal documents, e-signatures are more powerful and binding compared to a standard written signature.

Industrial rugged tablets eliminate the need to carry a pen and contact forms from one office or area to another for signing. E-signature and biometrics are easier to track even in future and they are safe compared to physical documents which can be stolen or misplaced.

Automation of such services drastically reduces the time taken before a project can be completed since different professionals who must be involved are able to exchange documents and sign them at the comfort of the offices or sites.


Rugged industrial tablets are a real game changer in the construction industry. When used properly, they can improve the efficiency of a construction project and save the workers a lot of time by streamlining processes.

When everything is digitized in a construction site, contactors and project managers will not have to worry about paperwork, monitoring procedures or storage.

Real-time sharing and access of information improves efficiency in a construction environment something which ensures that projects are delivered on time and as per the specifications.