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There is a growing demand for rugged tablets across many industries around the world. The growth is attributed to the convenience and efficiency that the rugged tablets have brought in streamlining the operations of businesses. Rugged tablets are designed to offer high performance, and durability, adaptability to harsh environment, mobility and real time access to data.

The logistics sector has been one of the beneficiaries of this technology. The ever-increasing demand for timely and accurate deliveries has made it necessary for companies to exercise diligence in choosing the technology that offers efficiency, security and a reasonable Return on Investment. Rugged tablets have proven to be useful in managing communication, deliveries, managing staff and field workers thereby improving their productivity. In this article, we are going to explore the benefits of using rugged tablets in the logistics sector.

  1. Warehouses

The efficiency of the warehouse operations is dependent on the employees and the tools that are used. Rugged tablets can handle complex data collection as most are fitted with barcode or RFID scanners. They also have high tracking capabilities ensuring that the products are moving efficiently within the warehouse. The mobility of a rugged tablet provides convenience to the warehouse attendants because they will not be required to return back to a desktop computer for data input or have to manually write on the inventory records.

Rugged tablets can also be mounted in forklifts and whenever a material is needed, the forklift attendant will receive a notification on the tablet of the exact location of the desired materials. Once the forklift attendant locates the material, the barcode scanner will be used to remove that product from inventory. This can lead to faster movement of materials within the warehouse, increased productivity for the fork lift operators especially in a large warehouse where other forms of communication may not be possible. The barcode scanner allows faster data collection and real time update of the inventory records as opposed to recording on hard copy inventory sheets.

  1. Shipping and receiving

Shipping and receiving have been made easy with the use of rugged tablets. Before rugged tablets came into use, efficient shipping was dependent on accuracy of the personnel handling the shipment and the information recorded on the manual invoices. If there was an error in the shipment, this would go unnoticed for days or weeks up until the shipment reached its destination. This would result to inconveniences especially if the shipment was time-critical. On the other side, the process would still be handled manually and in the event that the client realized there were errors in the shipment, the process of getting back to the supplier would often delay.

Rugged tablets have eliminated all these problems. The devices are useful in ensuring that the right products are shipped to the right clients. The barcode scanners allow the shipment to be double checked for errors and gives the client the ability to track their goods. If need be, corrections and updates of the shipment can be done remotely other than having to wait for the shipment to reach its destination first to make the changes. This has led to improved customer service; time saving and eliminated the inconvenience of reassigning shipments.

  1. Fleet Management

The fleet management arena is often faced with many challenges among them being; high fuel cost, delayed travel and competition. One way of navigating these challenges is by using Rugged Tablets. They will assist in real time communication of issues and tracking the movement of the shipment.

Rugged tablets can be used to update delivery logs on real time basis thereby eliminating the need for the driver to submit manual logs. These real time logs ensure that the drivers stick to their delivery schedules and provide updates in case there are delays. Rugged tablets can also be used to collect data at client’s premises thereby reducing mundane administration processes. Rugged tablets enable scanning of products as they enter and exit the warehouse; the information is updated real time therefore warehouse staff will not be required to countercheck the inventory records.

  1. Inventory Management

Another area where rugged tablets have provided convenience is inventory management. For the logistics process to be seamless, inventory records should be accurate and up to date. Rugged tablets can be used to improve inventory management in the following ways:

  1. Assisting the supervisors to monitor inventory movement and eliminate the risk of stock outs. By using a rugged tablet for inventory management, reorder notifications can be sent to the relevant personnel in real time.
  2. In large warehouses, it can be a daunting task moving back and forth to a desktop to look for the location of the inventory. By using portable rugged tablets there is improved efficiency in locating inventory within the warehouse.
  3. Recording inventory can prove to be challenging especially when dealing with high volume and fast-moving products. A rugged tablet fitted with a barcode scanner will allow faster recording of your inventory. Information on damaged products is also recorded instantly and matter raised with the relevant parties.
  4. Yard Management

In order for yards to operate efficiently the arrivals, departures and loading status needs to be logged. Also, maintaining order and safety within the yard is important for both the staff members and the trucks. Rugged tablets can be integrated with the Yard Management System to provide seamless movement of the trucks in and out of the yard and automated inventory checks. They also assist in tracking the utilization of each of your assets and tracking their movements. Rugged tablets reduce the waiting time in the yard and ensure that all assets are well utilized. The use of rugged tablets in yard management reduces the errors that may occur in a yard such as failure to record an arrival or double booking a loading dock.

The advantages of using rugged tablets in the logistics sector are numerous. If you want to improve your operations whether in the warehouse, dispatch and delivery, inventory management or managing your fleet, rugged tablets will provide solutions to your specific needs.