Camera or Barcode Scanner ?

In every mobile computers by Ruggtek you can scan a 1D/2D barcode by hardware or by software.
Please find at below the differences.

Camera based reading barcode

Ruggtek Barcode Reader Utility is the easy way to read barcodes on Android or Windows 10 by Ruggtek devices.
Just press the scan button and the device camera will capture an image of the barcode, read it and send the text to the app you have waiting for it.


It is a software utility that uses the camera in the Ruggtek devices and looks for a barcode. If it sees one (even damaged and poor quality) then it will decode it into text.


Ruggtek can supply the application software and the API, application programming interface.
The APP is free fully featured 30 day trial.

Barcode Scan Module

The main Android and Windows 10 Ruggtek devices can to built-in the barcode scan engine.
It is a hardware module, made by Honeywell or Newland, it supports 1D (Linear) and 2D symbologies commonly used in the industry.


You have a dedicated scanner with a press button to activate the scan and it capture the barcode.


Ruggtek can supply the user’s guide and developing instruction to setup the barcode.

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Reading by camera or by barcode scan engine ?

We are often asked by our customers if they can to use the camera or the barcode engine as scanning devices.
Actually the theory is the same but depending on your use case, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The barcode module is more professional but need to implement it during the assembly (not after or in field).
The camera not require the hardware installation accordingly you can to have a lot of differents Ruggtek devices and always the same software. But the performance (speed to reading) is related to the camera of the Ruggtek device; usually the camera reading speed is lower that the barcode scan engine.

Everything is based on the your application !