In the construction industry, workers undertake different construction projects and they work in harsh environments. Whether it’s a road project in a remote area, housing, or mega infrastructure, there is a need for more sophisticated industrial rugged devices that are versatile and durable. The use of rugged industrial tablets in the construction industry has streamlined internal business processes which have led to improved efficiency and increased productivity.

The construction industry has its own unique challenges and by adopting the use of rugged industrial tablets, all the risks associated with working under extreme environments are minimized and work efficiency is improved. The following are some of the uses and benefits that the use of rugged industrial tablets bring to the construction industry.

  1. Elimination of paperwork by going digital especially in construction sites

In the construction industry, there is a lot of records and drawings that need to be done and updated from time to time. Carrying physical documents of either structure drawings, labor records or materials can be tiresome and subject to damage or loss.

Luckily, with rugged industrial tablets, construction managers and supervisors are able to digitize all these records and drawings, therefore, increasing work efficiency. The system installed in the rugged tablets can be accessed even when working the remote construction sites. Through this integration, different departments can share and access data in real-time soothing which fastens the decision-making process.

With rugged industrial tablets, planning and imaging of construction projects can now be done with a press of a button. With modern technology, paper designs and drawings have now been substituted with paperless digital construction software and applications. Rugged industrial tablets ensure workers are able to handle 2D and 3D imaging, edit notes and project plans, and share their findings with other relevant team members seamlessly.

  1. Improved security and privacy

Data security and networks is another important aspect companies are paying special attention to in this digital era. When running a construction company, it’s paramount to use systems that guarantee the privacy of data and key information like rugged industrial tablets do.

When there is no privacy, sensitive information can be leaked to unauthorized persons and this can be very detrimental to any business reputation. Rugged tablets can be fitted with advanced security systems to keep hackers at bay.

When there is guaranteed system security and privacy of data, employees and management staff are able to communicate in a secure platform in real-time even if they are working in different environments.

  1. Guaranteed durability and efficiency even when working in an extreme environment

The work environment in most construction sites is often characterized by dust, noise, vibrations, water among other harsh components. Since office consumer-grade tablets cannot work effectively in such an environment, rugged tablets come in handy.

They are built to last and to withstand all these harsh elements and still offer seamless operations. They are dust resistant, drop and shock resistant as well as waterproof. Most of the construction works are done in remote areas where it’s difficult to predict the weather conditions on a day-to-day basis.

Therefore, having robust and ruggedized tablets ensures that work continues as scheduled without any interruptions or even downtime to achieve the set targets even when working under extreme conditions.

  1. They enable push-to-talk services

In big infrastructural projects, constant communication among different teams is very important. It ensures there is proper co-ordination and flow of command. Rugged industrial tablets are built with sophisticated communication features to support seamless push-to-talk services.

The majority of rugged tablet models are also designed with dedicated PTT buttons that support a walkie-talkie functionality to ensure there is effective communication that boosts workers’ morale and increases productivity.

  1. Rugged tablets have great mobility functionality

In a construction site, workers move a lot from one place to another. Therefore, they require gadgets that are lightweight and easy to move around with. Rugged tablets are lightweight and digitized to fully automate the construction work process.

Construction workers who use rugged tablets do not worry about losing their drawings and other paperwork records since everything is digitized and stored safely in one gadget. Other gadgets such as laptops are heavier and not very convenient to use in a construction site setup where there is a lot of movement.

Rugged tablets can even be modified to be operated when workers are wearing gloves, especially on push-to-talk services to ensure no work delays and every system works seamlessly.

  1. Helps in reducing overhead expenses

In the construction industry, owners and contractors must strategize on how to keep their overhead expenses down so as to remain profitable and competitive. Frequent damage or loss of gadgets such as phones and computers will not only impact the profitability of the construction company but will also lead to work and communication downtime.

Rugged industrial tablets are hardy and they are built to withstand pressure from inside and outside. Therefore, they have a longer lifespan, and construction companies that use them are able to reduce the cost of repair, replacement as well as employee downtime.

When overhead expenses are kept at a minimum, all systems operate at optimum levels thus, increasing the company profit margins and workers’ productivity.