The transportation and logistics sectors have experienced drastic changes in recent years as a result of technological advancements. The two sectors have different departments such as warehouse, distribution centers, inventory management, human resource, arrival and departure among others that need proper co-ordination in order to work efficiently. Luckily, rugged tablets are incredibly beneficial to the transport and logistics sectors as they help in linking all these different departments into one digital system.

When all the departments are interlinked, processes work better and productivity is improved. Rugged tablets guarantee real-time communication and feedback, proper resource utilization, and staff management.

In this post, we are going to have a look at the various uses of industrial tablets in transport and logistics companies and the benefits of using them.


  1. Automation of warehouse management

Warehousing is an integral part of the transportation and logistics sector. This is where packaged goods are received from the manufacturers and dispatched to various customers and retailers. When receiving packages, there is a high chance of experiencing damage or shortage, or discrepancies.

If a warehouse does not have a proper working system that uses rugged tablets, it will have delays in fulfilling customers’ orders and initiating prompt communication in case of packages damage or discrepancies in numbers and variety. The increased use of rugged tablets in the warehouse has streamlined processes thanks to enhanced real-time communication and response.

When warehouse managers are receiving packages in the warehouse, they use rugged tablets with cameras and barcode scanners. A camera helps in taking high-quality images of products being received and send them online to their seniors if there is any damage or interference with the package before being offloaded.

Barcode scanners help in scanning the products received and digitally recording their details instantly to save time. Using a rugged tablet with barcode scanners is more efficient, accurate and saves you time compared to using workers to manually record the package details which is subject to human error and delays.

  1. Efficient packing solutions

Packing is another strenuous task that takes place every day in a warehouse setting. For those warehouses which still rely on manual packing methods, they record high numbers of human errors arising from wrong placements. If a worker is constantly interrupted, there are high chances of them packing the wrong products and shipping them.

Rugged tablets help in eliminating such errors since they are fitted with applications and features such as barcode scanner and RFID which ensures only the correct products are shipped to the rightful clients. Efficient packing solutions brought about by rugged tablets in a warehouse save time increases productivity and improves customer satisfaction.

  1. Inventory Management

Inventory management is another essential component of any proper warehouse. To increase efficiency and achieve your logistics goals, inventory must be managed using the highest standards and most accurate method possible. You need to be able to track and fulfill orders in good time and restock when the minimum number of each product are met.

Using rugged tablets makes inventory management exercise easy and efficient. Inventory managers and warehouse workers are able to get new orders from clients in real-time. They are also able to ensure what is ordered is what is packed, shipped, and tracked until it’s received by the customer.

It also makes it easier to predict demand for certain products so as to know how often to replenish and at what quantities to avoid empty shelves. Also, replenishing stock is automated thus, eliminating the tiresome process of physical count by workers which is prone to human error.

  1. Shipping

When it comes to shipping of different products, rugged tablets makes the process very easy and efficient. The system ensures that all packages are loaded into the right shipment. Once the packages are loaded and shipped, clients can track their goods as they are being delivered either by trucks, air, or trailers in real-time thus improving customers’ experience.

Rugged tablets have barcode and RFID scanners that keep a record of all packages that have been loaded and their destination. By digitizing shipping systems through the use of rugged tablets, companies are able to save time there will be no need to reassign the parcels.

Workers in the transport and delivery department who use rugged tablets feel motivated and are also able to work faster and efficiently to meet the required customer service experience.

  1. Passenger tracking and Ticketing

In the transportation industry, passenger tracking and monitoring are very important. Companies in transportation and logistics are able to know the exact location of their fleet at any given time. If there is any mechanical problem that occurs, the driver and passengers can raise a signal immediately so that they can be assisted.

Passenger tracking and fleet management also help in route optimization. When you understand the number of passengers that are transported in a certain route every day, it becomes easier for fleet managers to allocate the appropriate number of motor vehicles that can serve a particular route maximally.

It also helps in maintenance, compliance check, and effective communication. Everyone who wants to board the motor vehicle can monitor where the driver is using a GPS feature and get to know the time they will arrive at their respective stage for reliable on-time departures and arrivals.

Industrial rugged tablets have also revolutionized the passenger ticketing model. They help create a cashless system that is more accurate, verifiable, and has minimal human-interference.

  1. Yard and terminal tracking

All cargo entering your yard or in a terminal needs to be carefully monitored to ensure no theft or damage occurs. Industrial rugged tablets have played a key role in the yard and terminal automation. Transportation and logistics companies that have adopted rugged tablets are now enjoying the benefits of automated tracking systems such as improved turnaround time, security, safety, and streamlined workflow.

All assets and cargo are monitored effectively from the time they enter the yard until they leave and all the details are collected and relayed to the relevant authorities in real-time. Industrial rugged tablets use image capture technology to quickly scan and record details of each truck or shipment that enters and leaves the yard and update the system accordingly.

  1. Proof of service/delivery

Proof of delivery and service is another key aspect of a successful transport and logistics venture. When you track the shipment and delivery of products, you need to make sure that they reach the intended customer on time and in good conditions. Luckily, industrial rugged tablets can be used as signature panels to instantly update the system when the product is delivered or service served.

Proof of delivery or service helps when requesting for payments from your clients and handling complaints. Rugged tablets are made to withstand harsh conditions and working environments making them ideal for use even in the field when transporting cargo and passengers from one point to another. They can withstand shocks, vibrations, dropping, and extreme weather and still deliver great results without any downtime.

  1. Improve communication and response time

In the transportation and logistics sector, there are different departments in each sector and they all need to work together seamlessly in order to achieve the company objectives and improve clients’ experience. The only thing that can ensure there is proper co-ordination is effective communication.

Use of industrial rugged tablets either in the warehouse, yard and terminals, field delivery, and main office ensures that there is proper communication in all departments. Where there is proper communication, workers feel motivated and productivity increases due to reduced downtime.

Most of the rugged tablet models are designed with voice features such as PBX and Walkie-talkie to enable workers to communicate effectively with other departments in real-time even when working in a larger and noisy environment.


Benefits of using industrial rugged tablets in transportation and logistics companies

  • They automate systems thus, saving companies cost of paperwork
  • Cashless passer ticketing ensures there is transparency and booking are more organized
  • Rugged industrial tablets also help eliminate human errors and instead increase accuracy and efficiency.
  • Real-time communication with workers and executive help in keeping everyone motivated by streamlining processes.
  • Rugged tablets help in maximum optimization of resources
  • Automation by use of industrial rugged tablets goes a long way in improving customer experience due to fast turnaround time and minimal downtime.