Ruggtek RP 550 is a product designed for those looking for a very resistant device but at the same time extremely compact, the size of a modern smartphone.
The device manages to guarantee these features by not giving up respectable hardware and the efficiency of Windows 10 Pro.

The convenience of a handheld pc.

Ruggtek RP 550 is not a smartphone, neither a laptop nor a tablet: it is, in fact, a handheld pc.
These devices, as the name suggests, are designed precisely to fit on the palm of a hand and are therefore very handy and light

A handheld has a size between 12 and 15 centimetres in length, between 8 and 10 in width and manages to keep the weight very low, never exceeding 200 grams. It is therefore slightly heavier than a smartphone, but this is because it has to cope with much more powerful and complex hardware.

The handheld, like a laptop, has an internal rechargeable battery that allows it to operate for several hours in complete autonomy, without therefore necessarily having to remain connected to the power supply.
It should be clarified that the autonomy is not that of a commercial smartphone: the internal components of a palmtop, in fact, as well as the installed operating system – Windows – are more energy-consuming than that mounted on a smartphone, so a palmtop battery hardly comes to last five days. If we talk about autonomy, we must think of a handheld as a small laptop, capable of processing many more calculations than a smartphone but at the same time, due to all these procedures, the battery life is less than that of the smartphone.

Small size also means reduced display, including touchscreen.
Optionally it is also equipped with a pen, very useful in operations that can be difficult using just a finger, such as taking notes or clicking the Windows icons.

They are devices designed to perform operations equivalent to an office computer.
They have the convenience of a desktop system in a smartphone and run from a place that is not the office at full speed, without having the clutter of larger devices such as a laptop or a computer with monitor.

These devices, called Rugged, are specially made with reinforced shell and components capable of resisting heavy impacts and falls even from rather high heights. In addition, they maintain external inputs that are not found in classic smartphones, such as the USB port and the barcode reader.

Ruggtek RP 550: Hardware features.

Ruggtek RP 550 is a new generation palmtop capable of offering the convenience of a smartphone and Windows 10 software power.

The device has been designed following the new 4.0 Industry standards, which therefore combine design with technological innovation and, above all, with a high resistance to shocks, falls, changes in temperature, humidity and water.

The display, a 5.5-inch capacitive multi-touch display, is designed using the patented Gorilla Glass, in order to guarantee extreme brightness the screen – which reaches up to 500 Nit – even in direct sunlight, keeping the definition unaltered also thanks to IPS technology, and above all it resists scratches and falls in order to increase its duration over time.

The quality and brightness are also allowed by the high resolution of the device screen, 1080 x 1920p Full HD which therefore allows you to view high quality photos and important documents, a determining factor in a handheld device designed for work.

There is also a range of ports and connectivity in line with the times: Ruggtek RP 550 is equipped with both 1D and 2D barcode reader, 4G LTE connectivity, Wireless Dual-Band, Bluetooth and also has integrated GPS. There is also a USB 3.0 port for fast import and export of files on sticks and external media, as well as the possibility of expanding the 64GB memory using the Micro SD slot.

To conclude the hardware, the CPU, an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 of about 2 GHz combined with 4GB of RAM memory, which therefore allows the Operating System and all installed programs to run without jamming or other problems of any kind.

The convenience of Windows 10 at hand.

Despite having such a small size, Ruggtek RP 550 is not a smartphone, but a full-fledged computer. It doesn’t feature Android (present on RPA 550, where “A” stands for Android) nor the now abandoned Windows 10 Mobile. This palmtop features the full desktop version of Windows 10, in its most powerful variant Windows 10 Professional.

An OS therefore more stable, mature and performing than any Operating System for mobile devices, which gives the advantage of having all the optimized and better functioning programs for desktop devices literally at hand. In addition, one of the strengths of Windows 10 is the ability to choose between desktop and tablet mode, the latter more suitable for handhelds because it increases the size of the icons allowing users to touch them with their fingers without inadvertently pressing an undesired icon.

Ruggtek RP 550 is a handheld device, and therefore it is not designed nor does it have the power to run very complex programs such as AutoCAD or the Adobe Suite inside it: for that, please refer to specific products, such as Rugged tablets and laptops, which, however, are more bulky. A Rugged palmtop is designed to carry out organization operations without any problems.

Windows 10 Pro allows you to install any type of program, both from Microsoft Store and from third parties, so you can choose any type of agenda, notes, cloud and email management provider. For example, with Microsoft One Note you can quickly take notes, either by writing them “by hand” with the pen or with your finger, and then synchronizing them immediately on OneDrive, the cloud service of the Redmond company, on all other devices connected to the same account.

And, always using OneDrive, from the office it is possible to upload PDFs with projects and documents to be brought to the construction site without printing them, with the risk that they will be ruined. Projects that can be integrated with photographs and other details directly from the construction site.