Ruggtek RPA 550 is a palmtop, similar to RP 550 with which it shares the shell and most of the features, with Android operating system.

The “A” of the name, absent in the other model, indicates that Windows does not run on this rugged device but Android.

RP 550 and RPA 550 handhelds are similar to a smartphone in size but with unrivalled functionality. And obviously they are not even like a laptop or tablet, devices much larger and heavier devices that these products that, as their name suggests, have been designed to fit on the palm of the hand, thus ensuring lightness and ergonomics.

Between 12 and 15 centimetres in length, a width between 8 and 10 and a weight of 200 grams, a palmtop is slightly larger than a smartphone, and heavier than most of them (but not all of them!) as it must support much more complex components and hardware.
The battery of a palmtop is always rechargeable, therefore able to guarantee many hours of wireless use, but autonomy is of course reduced compared to the smartphones we are used to: but this is almost obvious, given that its components, and the operating system require a greater use of energy. The specific positive side of an Android handheld such as the Ruggtek RPA 550 is that it can guarantee more autonomy than other products, since Android consumes less energy than Windows, and also requires less RAM and less powerful processors in order to run well.

Palmtops and handhelds cannot perform too complex operations – unliked high-end laptops or tablets – but, since they also feature 4G LTE connection, they are useful for quick changes, as a diary, such as digital notepads smaller than a laptop and tablet, but more powerful than a smartphone. In fact, like any device, even handhelds today are produced in a Rugged version that provides them with resistant components capable of resisting shocks and falls, even from very high heights. And, unlike smartphones, their greater thickness allows them to have standard USB ports, infrared reader and barcode reader.

Ruggtek RPA 550: don’t call it little brother!

As said before, Ruggtek RP 550 and RPA 550 are two devices with many elements in common, which differ substantially for the operating system: the former runs Windows 10 Pro, while the Ruggtek RPA 550 has Android 7 Nougat. If RP 550 can enjoy a desktop operating system, the advantage of the other model with Google OS, is that it has a huge variety of applications and programs, the largest currently on the market. Applications that, unlike programs, are lighter and more fluid, and do not take up too much memory.

RPA 550 is a new generation handheld, comfortable and light, developed with modern 4.0 Industry standards that combine technological innovation, design, high resistance and resistance to temperature changes and impacts. The display is a 5.5-inch multi-touch capacitive, made with Gorilla Glass, the type of glass most resistant to scratches and bumps. It is a very bright screen (reaches 500 nits!) which therefore allows good visibility even in the most difficult contexts, such as direct sunlight.

The definition is excellent, both thanks to IPS technology and thanks to the Full HD 1080x1920p resolution: displaying images, documents and projects is always clear and defined, a factor that should be taken for granted in devices like this, which have been designed for work and business. There are also many ports and connectivity: Ruggtek RPA 550 has a barcode reader both 1D and 2D, RFID connectivity type HF / UHF, 4G LTE network for data and voice connection, integrated GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0 – for quick import and export of any file on external media – dual band Wi-Fi, and finally a Micro-SD slot for expansion of internal storage.

Talking about the specifications of this device, we have 3GB RAM and an internal storage of 32GB. This is a substantial difference with the twin model RP 550, which instead has a 4GB RAM and a 64 Storage: this is not a limitation, but due to the different operating system. Android is in fact lighter than Windows, and therefore it does not require the same amount of RAM as the Redmond operating system, which is heavier and also more energy-consuming.

This difference ca be also seen in the processor: RPA 550 has a MediaTek processor, more than enough for the correct functioning of all programs and all operations of the device smoothly, without any lags. Finally, it comes with all needed certifications such as resistance to shocks, splashes of water and dust.

Android: the most popular mobile operating system in the world.

The Ruggtek RPA 500 runs Android 7 Nougat, the seventh version of what is the most popular operating system in the world, with all the advantages that follow.

Unlike Windows, heavy or professional programs such as AutoCAD or the Adobe suite do not run on this Google software, but it is also true that they are very heavy software not designed for small and light devices such as a handheld. As we have seen, a PDA is useful as a notepad, a digital agenda, and for quick changes to documents: trivially, even the small size of the screen would make any heavy work impossible.

But beyond this, in the Play Store there are still valid alternatives – often proposed by the same official manufacturers, such as Adobe – to Windows programs, however lighter and designed precisely for the use that is made of a small device. Both AutoCAD and many Adobe software are present on the Play Store in simplified versions, perfect for revisions, updates, changes, and to synchronize all the work on the cloud.