Technology is revolutionizing how different organizations carry out their day-to-day operations. Automation is playing a critical in improving efficiency, competitiveness, and great customers’ experience. This is evidenced in Golf courses and country clubs that have adopted the use of rugged tablets in their daily business operations with an aim of increasing their service delivery and competitiveness.

Rugged portable tablets are providing a touchscreen solution to the many business aspects that golf courses and country clubs deal with. Starting from club members’ management, renting of equipment, events management, tournament planning and supervision, inventory, and food & beverage management.

Since many members who join or visit golf clubs and country clubs are of high caliber, they expect the management to offer highly professional services and experience. With the adaption of rugged portable rugged tablets in golf courses and country clubs, the management is able to guarantee their members and visitors a high-experience and proficient client relations that makes them feel relaxed and comfortable.

Below are some of the different ways that rugged tablets have transformed golf courses and country clubs.

  1. Club registration and checking in

Rugged tablets are helping golf clubs to automate the registration process and checking-in for members and guests. All this including getting on the golf course can now be done at a click of a button with rugged tablets thus, improving customers’ experience. Switching to online registration rather than a manual process saves time and improves efficiency. The registration data is collected and securely stored in one place where it can be accessed by authorized persons at any time when needed.

  1. Golf carts use and maintenance

A golf cart is an essential component of any golf game. Golf carts help golfers enjoy the game by minimizing the time they need to walk while playing golf. When golfers are planning to visit a golf club to play a game, they are mostly required to rent a golf cart.

With the use of rugged tablets and the latest technological advancement, the management of golf clubs can now create a robust network system that can make golfers understand which golf carts are available for rental, which ones are under routine maintenance, and the expected return time for those once already rented out.

A golf cart can perform more tasks other than moving golfers around golf clubs and various golf courses. Rugged tablets can turn golf carts into smart multi-function vehicles that can offer GPS navigation around the course, tracking scores and updating results in real-time, targeted marketing, time tracking, and ordering of food and beverages.

All this can be accomplished by simply mounting rugged tablets with wireless connectivity on top of the golf cart to provide seamless communication and coordination for those who are playing on the golf course and the management team.

  1. Tracking scores and updating

Rugged tablets are compatible with hundreds of Android applications and golfers can use them to access scorecards, view statistics from their previous games and leaderboard among other important features. By recording every detail of golf game online, it makes golfing fun and seamless as it’s easier to collect and disseminate data in real-time.

  1. GPS location and time tracking

Rugged tablets have an in-built GPS tracking system that helps locate the golf cart at any time and location when golfers are navigating different spots on the golf course. It can also issue alerts for stopped carts and those that get off the designated golf courses. The GPS trackers deliver real-time location details that can be viewed digitally on your golf course map. With rugged tablets network connectivity, golf club workers and managers can easily track different golf cart rental times.

  1. Ordering food and beverages

Rugged tablets have also revitalized how golfer and guests can order food and beverages. With just a press of a button, golfers and guests in the golf course or clubhouse can access the current menu to see available foods and drinks and place an order of what they like.

Golfers get an easy time alerting the restaurant of their preferred foods and drinks plus estimated game end time so that they can prepare adequately. The unmatched customers’ convenience and foodservice delivery created by rugged tablets help golf clubs to boost their competitiveness and reputation.

  1. Targeted Marketing

Mounted rugged tablets on golf carts can be used by the golf clubs to carry out data analysis by collecting non-sensitive golfer’s data and using them to make personalized sales and promotions. They can do so by partnering with other nearby businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and shops to make targeted advertisements that most golfers and visitors will identify with.

  1. Inventory management

Rugged tablets help golf club management with remote mobile management solutions to all their workforce and systems to guarantee competitive and efficient services to all members and visitors. Golf clubs are able to easily track their inventory and manage the entire process of members and visitors checking in/out and returning rented golf-carts.

Golf store managers and the management can be able to trace the location of any golf-cart at any time thanks to the GPS tracking system that is fitted in the rugged tablet devices. In addition, if by any chance some golfers decide to take the golf-carts off the course, the in-built sensors will notify them and alert the golf club management. The same thing will happen if a golf cart accidentally breaks down while it’s being used on the course.


The use of rugged tablets in golf courses and country clubs is revamping the business environment and improving golfers’ experience. Generally, golf clubs have a wide area that is designed to host various fairways that give golfers a unique golfing challenge and experience. Therefore, by adopting technology through the use of rugged tablets, golf clubs can offer excellent golfing services to their esteemed members and visitors. Some of the key features of all rugged tablets that are used in golf club setup include durability, lightweight, high IP rating, anti-scratch touchscreen, and water and dustproof.