The increased use of rugged tablets has continued to revolutionize the workplace environment across many industries. They play a greater role in helping workers accomplish various work-specific tasks and functions with ease especially in this era of enterprise mobility development.

In a warehouse setting, for instance, rugged tablets are now serving as mobile virtual mobile stations that enable workers to carry out essential operations, coordinate with other workers, communicate effectively and manage logistics.

What is enterprise mobility?

The term enterprise mobility refers to the new approach to work in the digital era that allows employees to work from anywhere and deliver great results using a variety of smart devices such as smartphones, rugged tablets, and other mobile applications.

The decentralization of mobile devices also incorporates the mobility of corporate data and their workforce as well. Today, it’s possible for an employee to upload a presentation remotely from their mobile devices to a corporate cloud storage service and then access it using a portable device such as a rugged tablet or iPad and showcase it to potential clients at any place.

The growth of enterprise mobility has led corporates to develop Enterprise Mobility Management Systems (EMMS) that enable remote workers to access corporate information and share data without experiencing any cybercrime security breach.

The importance of enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility is very important as it’s the key driver of a modern industrial workforce that gives today’s workers flexibility to work from anywhere. Attaining such flexibility, instant data sharing, and real-time communication improves productivity and employees’ job satisfaction.

Rugged tablets for industrial and remote applications have an IP54 rating or higher to ensure that it can they can vigorously withstand the tough working environment and still deliver great results. They are built to last and they are resistant to dust, drop, scratch, extreme temperatures, and waterproof.

Rugged tablets are at the core of corporate enterprise mobility solutions especially in the supply chain and logistics sector. In recent years, this sector has witnessed a lot of innovations and technological integrations including the Internet of Things (IoT) in everyday work processes.

As a result, it has become easier for employees to work remotely and deliver work promptly thanks to high internet connectivity and improved communications.

Warehouse operators and supply chain directors are now using hand-held rugged tablet computers to run most of their warehouse and supply chain operations. They are integrated with robust warehouse management systems to make sure warehouse and logistics operations are digitized and made available on the go.

The introduction of rugged tablets has eased the burden of tiresome physical paperwork and segmented systems and this has led to increased efficiency and low shipping, receiving, and picking errors.

Warehouse machine operators and truck drivers can now dock portable handheld rugged tablets into their vehicles and get real-time access to the company’s database and all other reporting functions. The automation of remote processes is easily the workload of remote employees as communications, delivery alerts, and signatures are now being captured in real-time and the feedback gets relayed to the head office instantly.

Through the help of the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS), company management through their IT department can easily monitor the condition of all the mobile devices and applications from anywhere. The use of RFID and Real-Time Location Systems (TRLS) helps trace even the physical location of remotely used mobile devices at any given time.

Enterprise mobility is taking over every aspect of today’s digital businesses with an aim of empowering modern workers and increasing business efficiency. If the current digital trends continue, it’s estimated that more than 64 billion IoT devices will be connected by 2025. The rollout of the 5G will also accelerate the growth of enterprise mobility as more and more digital enterprises will benefit from improved internet speed and connectivity.

Rugged tablets have revolutionized warehouse and logistics sectors by connecting every aspect of their businesses thereby boosting performance and service delivery. Enterprise mobility will remain a key component to improved production and work efficiency. There will be new ways of doing work thanks to IoT and automation of core processes in both warehouse and logistics sectors. For effective service delivery, rugged tablets will be at the center of these enterprise mobility technological advancements.