If you run a retail in-store, one of the things that are always on top of your mind is improving your customers’ experience. For you to stay ahead of your game and be able to maneuver through the ever-increasing competition, you have to find innovative ways to attract customers and make them keep coming back for more. Customers can easily get turned off by operational inefficiencies such as long check out lines, stockouts, prolonged waiting time and not being able to access information or a store attendant. As an owner of a retail in-store, you, therefore, have to review your operations, identify customers’ pain points and work towards eliminating them.

One way to eliminate the operational inefficiencies and hence improve customers’ experience is by adopting the use of rugged tablets in your business. Rugged tablets are specially built for enterprise and industrial environments. They are therefore durable, mobile, and powerful enough to handle complex business transactions.

Let’s see how rugged tablets can enhance customers’ experience in a retail in-store.

  1. Better Equipped Staff

Your employees are of great value to your business because they represent and sell your brand to potential customers. When staff are well-skilled, trained, and equipped with the right tools, their productivity is bound to increase and they can provide better services to your customers. When you equip your staff with rugged tablets, they will have quick access to information such as inventory levels, product features, or pricing options and will therefore be in a better position to guide the customers in making the purchase decision.

The rugged tablets can also be equipped with training modules where your staff can access courses that will improve their skills. This can improve their productivity and allow them to make better use of their time, especially during off-peak hours when there are no customers. During peak hours or when a customer walks in, they can easily switch to other applications and assist the customer.


  1. Line Busting

Long checkout lines are hardly anyone’s favorite. Some customers will even abandon a line and forego shopping all together when they spend a few minutes queuing or when they get into the store and see the long lines.

By adopting the use of rugged tablets in your store, you can have the Point of Sale (POS) software installed in the tablets and enable the staff to check out the customers from various locations, therefore, speeding the check-out process. The rugged tablets can also be integrated with barcode readers and credit card readers to enable payments and transactions to be completed easily and quickly. Faster completion of transactions and check-out process will ensure that there is no crowding of customers within the store.

  1. Inventory Management

One of the reasons why a customer would choose to go to a particular store instead of another is because they are assured that the product is in stock in that particular store. Constant stockouts are a turn off to many customers so they should be minimized as much as possible. One way you can do this is by improving your inventory management using rugged tablets. The inventory management system can be installed in the rugged tablets enabling the staff to have real-time access to inventory levels from whichever location whether it’s within the store or outside.

Rugged tablets can be integrated with barcode scanners or RFID scanners which can be used to conveniently record inventory when it gets in the store and when it leaves and automatically update inventory levels. This means that the staff will not have to wait for a specified time to manually reconcile inventory or move back and forth to physically check whether a certain product is available. Having real-time access to inventory insights enables the salespersons to provide fast and accurate information to the customer.

  1. Gather Customer’s Feedback for Customized Experience

Customers always want to feel valued and appreciated. As a retail in-store owner, you can set up designated points where customers can give instant feedback or register for loyalty programs. Rugged tablets can be mounted at different stations within the store and have customer feedback tools or software installed. This enables the customer to express their views or recommendations on products faster as opposed to filling out manual forms.

Rugged tablets are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. So, the management will not have to worry about the tablets being damaged because of being used by large numbers of customers. Besides, the rugged tablets have high processing power and storage and can run on multiple applications. This means when they are not being used by the customers, the salespersons within the store can use them to perform other tasks.

The management can then use customers’ feedback combined with reports from the POS system to gather insights such as customers’ purchase history, related products, and how different products are selling. This information will help the management in deciding which products to add to their stock, which ones should be discounted, and how to improve their services.

  1. Space Maximization

If the space you have rented for your retail in-store is not large enough, you can still provide exceptional experience for your customers by maximizing the available space.  Rugged tablets are mobile, lightweight, and compact and are therefore an excellent alternative to the bulky checkout stations. Rugged tablets can be equipped with the Point of Sale (POS) software and used as checkout stations. They also support a variety of mounting solutions and can be mounted on multiple surfaces which leaves more space to stock up more inventory.

In addition, if you have limited space and you have some products that require a demonstration, you don’t have to worry about getting extra space. Instead, you can use the rugged tablets as displays where you can have virtual product demonstrations.

In summary, adopting the use of rugged tablets in your retail in-store will streamline your operations and make you and your staff better equipped to provide a positive customer experience. The effect of this is that your sales will increase and customers will keep coming back to your store.