In today’s world, every manufacturing business deals with broad processes and supply chain which requires optimal end-to-end integration. A manufacturing business refers to any business that uses raw materials or other parts to make finished goods and products.

In manufacturing industry, all components comprising of machines, computers and humans work together in a specific manner so as to create the final product. Majority of industry workers work under harsh conditions and in remote areas.

In order to create a good co-ordination and real-time data access to all departments, businesses are investing in rugged tablets in order to empower their workers and improve productivity.

Rugged tablets are robust portable electronic devices which have the capacity of delivering reliable and high quality end-to-end integration for efficient operations even under harsh conditions where a standard commercial tablet can’t operate.

The use of rugged tablets across various manufacturing industries can be grouped under the following functions:

  1. Inventory Control

Inventory is very important component of any manufacturing business. Rugged tablets are built with the right inventory management tools to help you keep close tabs on your inventory for efficient warehousing and distribution.

You will have access to real-time data of what material or product is running out of stock so that you can initiate a new order request.

When inventory control is data driven, manufacturing industries are able to minimize and overage as well as eliminate high carrying expenses.

  1. Asset Tracking

Asset tracking helps to know where products are at any given moment. With in-built tools such as barcode scanner and NFC advance technology, rugged tablets makes asset tracking a smooth experience.

Manufacturing industries have broad supply chain and having the capacity to track assets as they move in different departments and processes offers a great efficiency.

  1. Quality Control Check

Tracking assets and products in manufacturing industries is not enough to guarantee efficiency. Industries ensure that their products are of high quality so as to satisfy their target market and remain competitive.

Rugged tablets are enterprise designed and they have great applications and extension features which ensures the set quality control standards are met.

Since most of the manufacturing processes are automated, rugged tablets are able to give users real time data on the quality standards of various products even before they can go to their final production stages.

The ability of rugged tablets to monitor the set quality standards makes the multipurpose and they are easy to integrate and use across multiple manufacturing industries.

  1. Enhanced communication

Effective communication and sharing of information among different departments in manufacturing industries is very important. Businesses do well when there is a streamlined communication between workers, systems and customers.

Rugged tablets are designed with high communication features which enable them to easily connect to Bluetooth, 3G, 4G and WIFI even when used under very harsh environments.

In addition to internet connectivity, workers can read messages and make calls in real-time something which improves their work productivity.

  1. Built to match the working environment

Manufacturing industries especially those who operate in oil and gas, mining and energy work under harsh environment. Regardless of the harsh working environment, workers need real-time data access and prompt communications with other departments.

Rugged tablets are strong and are built to work efficiently under such harsh environments. They can withstand working environment which have; high or very low temperature, vibrations, drop, shocks, dust and water and still deliver great results.

With such versatility, durability of rugged tablets when used in the manufacturing sector is guaranteed. Durability reduces the repair and replacement costs which is mostly common with standard office non-rugged tablets.

  1. Use of 3D Technology to enhance efficiency

The use of 3D camera imaging technology is now in rugged tablets. Unlike before when 3D technology was only available on PCs only, workers in manufacturing industries who work under various departments that require 3D imaging are now able to do so with ease.

The integration of this technology in the manufacturing processes have streamlined operations and it’s now easier to make high quality designs with the perfect dimensions, graphics and shape.

Rugged tablets are easily compatible with other industry systems and devices which makes sharing of such images and designs across departments stress-free.

  1. Source of reliable data that you can trust

Data analytics is increasingly becoming an integral part of decision making in businesses. Rugged tablets have in-built features which capture data with the highest accuracy level to help in decision making.

There a wide range of applications in rugged tablets each designed for a specific task. There are applications which collected signatures and product features such as biometric and barcode scanners.

Such systems improves accuracy of data by eliminating human errors and paperwork. Workers in different sectors are able to share data in a digital format as opposed to papers and in real-time.

Digital data is always accessible and can be retrieved easily and archived for future referencing. To ensure safety and data protection, rugged tablets have safety features to ensure all data is protected and it can’t be accessed by unauthorized person.


Rugged tablets provides a high-performance integration and helps manufacturing industries to streamline their operations and supply chain. When a business improves its processes, it remains competitive and growth is guaranteed.

Getting real-time data access and system integration even when operating under tough conditions improves workers productivity and it’s cost effective.

Businesses that are on the manufacturing sector are assured of streamlined operations when they use rugged tablets even if the workers are on the field working remotely.

The in-built universal features such as barcode scanner, biometric reader and NFC technology make rugged tablets the best portable device for use across different manufacturing industries which operates under tough conditions.

The IP54 rating is a mark of quality which guarantees that rugged tablets can withstand the common wear and tear when used on tough industrial conditions.

Make your manufacturing business to standout by adopting the use of these high quality rugged tablets. They can easily integrate with many systems and they will deliver results and last longer to give you value for your investments.