2020 has started, and with it the events and fairs dedicated to the world of technology.

In these first months, each manufacturer has advertised and will shortly launch its new line of products, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities and also with a few more innovations to remedy the criticisms of stagnation and lack of novelties in recent years.

Below is a brief analysis of 2020 Ruggtek devices and those that remain the best options in terms of specifications and value for money.


Ruggtek RP 550 and RPA 550: a small, portable and powerful handheld device.

RP 550 and RPA 550 can be defined as two “different twins”: they are both handhelds – therefore, neither laptops, nor tablets – that share the design and internal components, but have a fundamental difference in their operating system:

RP 550 has Windows 10 while RPA 550 – as suggested by the “A” in the acronym – runs Android.

A palmtop, as the name suggests, is a device designed to comfortably fit on the palm of the hand, and is therefore very light and easy to handle.
Like a laptop, the palmtop also has an internal battery that can be recharged and allows it to run for several hours without needing to be plugged to a power supply.
Despite having aesthetic similarities with a smartphone, a palmtop is not a smartphone and compared to it has less autonomy: this is due to internal components and, in the case of Windows, to a more energy-intensive operating system than a smartphone, which therefore doesn’t allow palmtops and handheld devices to have 24 hours autonomy.

Like a laptop, a palmtop has a larger battery. The difference with a laptop is, on the other hand, the absence of hard drives so that the memory can only be expanded by means of permanent ROMs or SD / Micro-SD cards (the same as smartphones and digital cameras).

Ruggtek RP 550 is a modern handheld device that offers users the convenience of a smartphone and the power of Windows 10 Pro.
A device designed taking into account the new 4.0 Industry standards that combine design and technological innovation, as well as resistance to shocks, falls and temperature variations.

RP 550 features a 5.5-inch capacitive multi-touch display with Gorilla Glass technology: a bright and bright display – up to 500 Nit – even in direct sunlight, with excellent definition thanks to the IPS technology; Gorilla Glass is a guarantee of resistance to scratches and falls to increase durability.
The resolution is very high, and this guarantees even more quality and brightness: we are talking about a 1080x1920p Full HD screen that allows you to see photos and documents in high resolution, which is essential in a device that has been designed for work and business.

In terms of ports and connectivity:
• 1D and 2D barcode reader
• NFC reader
• 4G LTE telephone network
• Bluetooth and Wireless dual band
• USB 3.0 – useful for much faster import and export of files on external media;
• Micro-SD slot to expand the 64GB memory.

On a technical level, the device has an Intel x5 CPU, which is combined with 4GB of RAM memory: a combination that gives the operating system the ability to run without jamming or other problems, being able to run quite a few programs.

Ruggtek RPA 550 is, on an aesthetic level, the twin brother of the device just described, but changes in some hardware components and software.
This device, in fact, does not run Windows but Android 7 Nougat: a lighter, customizable, fluid operating system that, among other things, enjoys the largest Application Store ever.

Furthermore, due to the lightness of the system, the RPA 550 has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage – always expandable – combined with a MediaTek Quad-Core processor, which also allows smooth operativity. The provision of ports, functionality and certifications, however, remains the same as the Windows model.


Ruggtek RT 308: the evolution of the Rugged tablet.

Brand-new in the tablet world is Ruggtek RT 308, a new device in the range that focuses on compactness and light weight.

The tablet, always faithful to the “Rugged mission”, therefore with IP certification to resist splashes and dust, has 8.1 ” display – naturally multi-touch-screen – which makes it very small and easy to handle.

The Gorilla Glass technology, as seen, allows it to be very resistant to scratch.
Being compact does not mean giving up power: Intel Quad-Core CPU allows excellent operation of Windows 10 Professional, the most popular OS in the world and on which the main software runs. The CPU is joined by 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage memory.

Again, the equipment is important:
• 1D and 2D barcode reader
• NFC and UHF reader
• 4G LTE telephone network
• Bluetooth and Wireless dual band
• Micro-SD slot to expand the 64GB memory.