The “mobile” revolution is clear and evident to all of us.

Mobile devices are now part of the daily life of both private users and professionals. From the search for information and news, to the sharing of photographs and images, to games, shopping, everything happens through the use of a tablet PC or smartphone.

In the professional and corporate sphere, thanks also to the 4.0 industrial revolution and the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices called “rugged” are now a well-established reality.

Among the manufacturers of rugged devices, Ruggtek has been one of the first Italian companies to believe in the potential of this sector with its line of tablets, palmtops and rugged smartphones.

What does rugged computers mean.

The difference between a traditional and rugged (or industrial) device is mainly focused on the technical aspect: the electronic card, the special material container, resistance, reliability, certifications and the constant and continuous supply of the same device for years.
Resistance is one of the factors that distinguishes an industrial tablet or a rugged smartphone from the commercial one. A mobile device used in the workplace is subject to wear and exposed to numerous dangers such as collision or fall, and environmental hazards such as debris, dirt, dust, water, humidity and temperature drops.
Another fundamental aspect is the engineering of the hardware architecture present inside a rugged tablet or industrial palmtop. The devices are equipped with special modules to allow 3G / 4G LTE data and voice communication, connection to wireless and Bluetooth networks, the GPS satellite system as well as the management of USB ports, RS-232 serial ports, RJ45 network ports, to interact and allow full control in the field.
It is also possible to integrate, inside an industrial tablet or palmtop, tools that are usually external to the computer such as:

1D linear or 2D two-dimensional barcode reader; RFID technology for reading cards or electronic labels in the HF, LF and UHF frequencies; a fingerprint system to allow fingerprint recognition.


Which one to choose.

For those who want to implement mobile devices in their company or business environment, it is important to take into consideration all the previously described factors.
On the official website it is possible to display the wide range of industrial tablet PCs, industrial handhelds and rugged smartphones, aimed exclusively at professional and corporate users.

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