Industry 4.0, called also “smart factory”, represents the integration of new technologies in industrial automation in order to improve working conditions and increase the productivity and production quality of plants.
The fourth industrial revolution is not a technological “object” to be realized but a process that will lead to completely automated and interlinked industrial production.
The hinges around which digitisation rotates can be summarised in four development guides:

1) the use of data to create value, computing power and connectivity. Terms such as big data, open data, IoT (Internet of Things), M2M (machine-to-machine) and cloud computing for centralizing and storing data.
2) the process of analysing the gathered data (Analytics) to obtain the information; the automatic learning of the machines that perfect their performance through the acquisition of the gathered and analysed data.
3) the interaction between man and machine (MMI Man-Machine Interface e HMI Human-Machine Interface) that involves the Ruggtek tablet and handheld PCs, languages and application software.
4) the transition from digital to “real”, i.e. once the data has been gathered, analyzed, processed and made a tool to instruct the machines, the last step is to find ways to produce the goods: 3D printing, robots, machine interactions, etc.


European Projects.

In Europe, a series of projects have been launched by governments to transfer the fourth industrial revolution to the entrepreneurial fabric with fairly similar objectives.
In 2016, in Italy, the President of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Economic Development approved a dedicated plan with incentives for Industry 4.0; the plan represents a chance for all companies that want to seize the opportunities linked to the fourth industrial revolution.

What Ruggtek has to offer.

A broad range of products to meet the criteria of Industry 4.0 :
Tablet PCs Rugged.
Handheld PCs.
Smartphones Rugged.
– Implementation and development of mobile application (APPs).
The qualified advice of the Ruggtek team is able to offer the necessary support to identify the product which best meets the needs of technology and connectivity to take advantage of 250% hyper amortization.
For more details please go to the page 250% hyper amortization.